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      I fairly recently got married to a woman who has 2 kids from her previous marriage. For complicated reasons, they mostly live with their biological dad. My wife and her ex have joint custody though. The kids are with us every other weekend and every other school holiday. Her son is 17 years old and has been diagnosed with ADHD. His sister is 13 years old. He’s got all the classic ADHD symptoms, as far as I can understand. Doesn’t pay attention at school. Cannot sit still for anything over 2 minutes, etc.

      What worries me, as somebody who has no experience of ADHD, is the rather bizarre additional behavior of the stepson which I am not even sure is really ADHD behavior. For example: yesterday we took them cycling and had lunch at the venue’s restaurant. He gobbled up half his pizza in nothing flat, and then slumped forwared at the table and lay face down in the remainder of the pizza, in public, after announcing that he was bored. Now this is a 17-year-old person. Lying face-down in a pizza in a public place!!

      He also does not take no for an answer. He is constantly begging his mom for online gaming vouchers to play a game called Fortnite, and when she refuses, he gets abusive and swears at her.

      The biggest worry for me, however, is his even stranger and constant behavior, which is pawing his mom and sister. He’s forever hugging and trying to kiss his mom and sister, even when they and I tell him to stop and that neither his mom or his sister is his girlfriend. I’m not talking about a greeting kiss and hug, I am talking about constantly hanging onto them, putting his arms around them and attempting to kiss them. His mom and sister both repeatedly tell him to stop, but he just carries on. I too have had repeated hard and serious talks with him, telling him that constantly hanging on to his mom and sister is not acceptable under my roof and especially not in public. Believe it or not, we even have to, almost every night while he’s at our house, tell him to go and sleep in his own bed, after we hear his sister complaining (her bedroom is right next to ours and he, almost every night, wants to come and “kiss her goodnight”.)

      Is this groping of his mom and sister even part of ADHD behavior? To me as a lay person it seems that he’s got some other issue, perhaps something like deficient impulse control or even autism?

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      Dr. Eric

      I would be asking these questions to a professional serving him.

      I would also have a sense of urgency with him being so close to 18.

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      I have 3 boys that are ADHD, one also has tourettes and the other ODD. I have never seen any behavior like that from them, the kissing stuff that is. If anything they don’t want to be touched by their mother or sister. I would have that checked out by a professional.

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