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      I’m a 29 year old female and pretty certain that I have ADHD. After researching symptoms I realize that I probably also had it as a kid but was never diagnosed. My family was not the “therapy” type and we rarely went to the doctor unless it was serious. As a kid, I was incredibly introverted and spent more time daydreaming than talking to other kids, would leave my cell phone or calculator on the bus routinely, and struggled with focus and procrastination. We moved around a lot and my parents struggled financially so a lot of my issues were viewed as adjusting to a new environment.

      Fast forward a coupe decades and I’m beginning to notice that I make impulsive decisions but have a difficult time following through on anything for more than a few days, be it a fitness routine, business idea, meditation, the list goes on. I still lose things. I have to put on a 10 minute timer in order to clean my apartment without getting distracted. One day I can wake up super motivated, make a list of goals and to do lists and the next day I could spend the whole day in bed binging on Netflix until my boyfriend gets home from work. To an outsider, I probably look so lazy. My mind is always racing likes it’s on 30 channels but I don’t have control of the remote. And I got fired from my last job for making a lot of small mistakes – all of which I technically knew how to do, just forgot or got distracted.

      So here I am, trying to figure out what to do next. Today I called my insurance company to get my PCP’s information. I’ve had one for 6 months but never went. I plan to call on Monday and make an appointment but am struggling on what to say. As someone who didn’t go to the doctor much (and a therapist never) I feel so awkward and nervous. Do I just call up and say that I want to schedule an appointment to discuss adult adhd? I’d assume she’d just refer me to a psychiatrist during the meeting if she doesn’t feel qualified.

      Anyone here get diagnosed as an Adult with advice for how to start the conversation?

      Looking for some guidance and peace of mind. Thanks!

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