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      There just don’t seem to be any answers. I think the non-ADHD partner has to be a saint to stay in the relationship. My guy is on meds and sees a psychologist, but I don’t see any change happening. He says he’s more focused, but it’s not translating into action that I can see. The only time he seems to take responsibility is when I have a melt-down. Then he can hadle things, but otherwise it’s hit or miss. He’s so addicted to screens that he spends every waking hour on them except the five minutes he takes to eat meals or if he’s out of the house (not very often–and he has his cell with him then). Of course he doesn’t have a job. He routinely does the opposite of what he should do. This is very hard to live with. Unfortunately, I love him. But I’m beginning to feel that it’s costing me too much in terms of finances and my mental health. I just don’t know what to do.

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      Penny Williams

      Have him work with an ADHD coach. The coach will help him create custom strategies for getting things done, and hold him accountable.

      The ADHD Coach: A Personal Trainer For Your Brain

      Of course, only you can decide if you should stay or leave.

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