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      My 5 year old, almost 6 son is in the beginning stages of treatment with medication for ADHD. He was first started on Adderall XR 5mg. He was doing really great and then on day 6 he began to have problems sleeping. Involuntary movements and restlessness. He himself said he was exhausted, but couldn’t stop. We talked with the doctor and took him off the Adderall and started him on Vyvanse (lowest dose). This is causing a dramatic change in his mood swings. Crying uncontrollably, physically aggressive. I won’t lie, I’m a very impressionable person and grandparents and close relatives are challenging me on even putting him on medication. We chose to go this route because of how severe his behaviors have been at school. Extreme outbursts, impulsiveness, restlessness, frustration and even physical aggression towards his peers. His teachers are telling me that these behaviors come on fast and escalate fast. However, just as fast as they come on they stop. I’m at a loss and wonder if anyone else has had any of these symptoms with these meds with their kids? What did you do? Please help.

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      I am not much help, but my 7 yr old just started on Adderall and is up all night. He has always had mood swings but every day around 4:00 pm on Adderall he is an emotional mess. I don’t even see much difference in his inattentive symptoms and now I am thinking life was better pre-medication. What to do? It’s so hard!

      I will say that when I started Adderall I felt a night and day difference and it has helped me sooo much so I was excited to try it with my son, but so far no luck.

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      We too are in the beginning with our 11 year old. Started with Vyvanse. Major mood swings with aggression about 6 hours after taking it. Melatonin about 1 hr before bed took care of the restlessness, the dr. Just switched us to adderall and that has not been nearly as effective and the mood swings are still there but not as intense.

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