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      My 7 yr old has started stammering lately. It sounds like, “Mom, did you know that (pause) that… did you know that beetles can get THIS big?”

      It is to a “not normal” degree as it constantly interrupts the flow of his conversations and his peers have little patience to stand and wait for him to finish what he was going to say.

      I can’t tell if he is stammering because his brain is thinking something else while his mouth is trying to get out his first thought or if this is strictly a speech issue or if it is one of those weird things kids grow out of.

      Does ADD relate to stammering?

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      I wouldn’t say it does. Remember, he’s still in Elementary school. I would look into a million other potential causes first, if he doesn’t grow out of it.

      I never had a problem creating thoughts, or articulating my thoughts into words until I started taking medication for my ADHD. I do not recommend any treatment at his age. Wait until high school.. Like I mentioned earlier, if there are no improvements by that time, and you have ruled out other stuff, then consider diagnosis/treatment.

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      Penny Williams

      Definitely seek additional evaluations to look into this. Could be a tic or a speech/ language/ processing issue, all of which could be improved with targeted treatment.

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