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    Please help. I am 51 and, although not formally diagnosed, I believe I suffer from ADHD on top of anxiety, on top of OCD, on top of depression. It has become particularly severe in the last 6 mos. to a year. I’m hoping this is all that it is. If not, I’ve convinced myself that I suffer from progressive aphasia/frontal lobe dementia. I now often have word finding difficulties and difficulties in saying certain words. I fear it is something neurological as opposed to psychological. Has anyone else had these issues? Thanks!

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    Hi there

    Yes! I am in a waiting list for adhd / asd treatment.
    I also think my problem is genetic and a precursor for dementia, my paternal grandmother had the same difficulties I have, she had dementia. My father is the same too, if he is diagnosed I will know for certain it is genetic. Not sure if there are any genetic tests available.

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    It’s best to see your doctor and have them test for every possibility so you can get to the bottom of it accurately.

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