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    48 and recently came to the realization I have ADHD – started looking into it after reading an article about “time blindness” and couldn’t help but think “that’s me!”

    So one thing I haven’t found any information on, possibly related to ADHD, is a speech problem I have.

    Too often my words come out all jumbled or I’ll combine words into one that doesn’t exist. This literally happens on a daily basis. It makes it a bit difficult to express myself and share ideas, etc. This has been occurring as far back as I can remember, so nothing new.

    Wondering if others with ADHD struggle with this or know what it may be called.

    Final thought, (also wondering about others with this issue), I am fairly intelligent and fairly well educated, however, I seriously cannot have an intelligent conversation with anyone to save my life. I cannot recall facts on demand. They are there, somewhere rolling around in my brain, but trying to use them to support my ideas or show I have at least a little intelligence is nearly impossible. This has been a regular source of frustration for nearly all of my adult life.

    Glad I found ADDitude,

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    Hey Scott,

    I have the same problem. Especially if I get over-excited or angry or stressed. Some times the words come out jumbled because my focus will change mid-word. More often my mouth just won’t form the words and I have to calm myself before I can speak. I also have a problem with stuttering. The funny thing is that I really enjoy and am good at public speaking! Go figure! Even so, speech can be a real source of frustration for me.


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    It also happens if I try to talk too fast. I have to purposely slow myself down. Harumph!

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      I just found an article online about this speech thing being a symptom of anxiety (some types anyway). Oddly, even just talking to my wife sometimes I have this problem. Seems my brain may not be coming out of anxiety mode even when I have nothing to be anxious about. Interesting stuff for sure. Kinda just wish I wasn’t my own subject in this research I’ve been doing.

      Thanks for commenting Todd.

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    I talk too fast and jumble words. While I’m a pretty good writer, I’m terrible at oral communication.

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    I can see anxiety being a root cause. It certainly is in my case. Unfortunately, those of us with ADHD are prone to anxiety.

    Yeah, I see a lot of the stuff froom my research in me, too. The more I find out the more I recognize symptoms and how they’ve affected me and my life.

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    Could be anxiety and stress of a social situation.

    Could be related to executive functioning deficits almost always apparent in those with ADHD — trouble organizing thoughts and processes in the brain:

    What Does Executive Function Disorder Look Like in Adults?

    Or, it could be a speech issue of some kind, but I think the former two possibilities are much more likely.

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    Hmmm… Scored even higher on the Executive Function Disorder test than the ADHD test. Interesting stuff.

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    I have this problem as well and it seems to get me in huge messes at times. Like you said, I am intelligent, I know what I am talking about but I cant say it. I end up sounding like….I don’t even know. I have 2 serious issues that I have been trying to resolve for years. My daughter and I were taken advantage of very badly by (get this, a disability councilor) and a landlord. We are completely in the right but my communication gets so horrible that people don’t understand me or take me seriously. It gets worse and worse.

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    I scored 93% on the EFD test. Not really surprised. 70% on the ADHD self test, which is a surprise. Maybe because I’ve been dealing with it for so long (I’m 56) that I’ve developed some coping strategies.

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      Was talking to my wife this afternoon about coping strategies. I learned back in my early 20’s after losing my wallet and locking my keys in the car (a couple times for each) – I am constantly checking my pockets to verify I have keys and wallet. I kinda look and feel paranoid or OCD, but I haven’t lost my wallet or keys in decades. I think there is an anxiety component to it as well though as I’ll double and triple check to be sure. Its kinda like when I used to wear a watch, I’d check the time but it wouldn’t really register and I’d find myself checking a couple/few times before I’d actually know what time it was.

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      I do something similar. I try to put things like my keys, wallet, etc. in the same place every time. Things can go sideways quickly if I put things like my glasses down someplace that’s not normal for me. Or if my wife moves or covers something I’m expecting to be where they’re supposed to be. <heavy sigh> But, yeah, I’m always checking my pockets for my wallet, phone, keys, etc.

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    I do this ALL the time! I’ve realized that it happens when mind mind is racing a mile a minute and I’m thinking ahead to what I want to say but I’m currently saying something different. I’ll conflate a couple of words or even a whole sentence so they end up sounding like gibberish. It’s embarrassing and I always hope that the person I’m speaking to thought they just didn’t hear me right.

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    The word/sentence jumbling AND the blank brain thing happens to me literally every day of my life. I recently started coaching a middle school basketball team and, my dear god, I cannot explain anything straight. I start my sentences at the end and then back track, and half the time I’m like what did I even just say, was that a word??? I can overcome it by preparing precisely what I need to say (word for word – have to read it off a paper, honestly), but the thing is, I have been playing basketball since I was 5 and any normal person would be able to wing it with the kind of knowledge I have, ha!!!! Everyone gets confused and my sister (my asst coach) literally said she gets anxious for the girls because they must get totally overwhelmed not understanding anything. I’m like……….. YIKES
    But I think the blank brain thing is yeah, due to anxiety or stress but it’s probably because I know I am prone to word jumbling, therefore I am anxious therefore I just kinda freeze or am like what is anything? It happens mostly when I’m not talking to someone I feel super comfortable around (or maybe I just notice it more?). (Un)Funny thing is that I am a very talented writer. Thank god. Anyway, it’s incredibly frustrating especially when meeting new people or talking to a group– it’s like, “guys, I swear I know things and am intelligent… I just…. can’t… blahhh”
    So I feel you!!!!

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    Kim Clement

    Hey all. im very knew too all of this, i am 50 and going for my ADHD diagnosis on 31/1, was reading through the forums and this one about speech jumped out at me, i am a chronic stutterer and have been my whole life, did years and years of specch therapy and nothing helped…..until i tried dexamphetamine i take 15mg per day and my stuttering has stopped completely, for the first time ever i can now say a whole sentence in one go…go figure

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    Hi Kim,

    I’m happy for you. I stutter, too, sometimes and it can be very frustrating. I’m just glad you found something that helps.


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