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    It took our family a long struggle to discover Irlen Syndrome and get the help our son needed. We hope this information may help others.
    Irlen Syndrome is a particular visual processing disorder that is not identified with standard testing.
    Screeners can be found worldwide on Irlen.com http://irlen.com/reading-problems-dyslexia-learning-difficulties-the-irlen-method/
    Difference between Irlen Syndrome and Dyslexia: http://irlen.com/the-difference-between-irlen-syndrome-and-visual-dyslexia/
    Here’s what the print distortions look like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hg2WOGcuAk8
    Healthline news story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=mnyc3rA2NtA&app=desktop
    Educator Toolkit: https://www.irlensyndrome.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/powerpoint-EDUCATOR_Toolkit-02.pdf

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    Alana — Thank you for posting this! I am stunned that you posted it only yesterday too (most posts I stumble across are months or years old, not hours). I was watching one of the webinar replays on ADHD and Children with Reading Difficulties. I was curious about other reasons for slow reading speeds other than dyslexia. I am 47 years old, and I read very slowly, but I do not have dyslexia and do not have an auditory processing disorder (I can listen just fine to audiobooks). The webinar made no mention at all about Irlen Syndrome — BUT I noticed over on the side ADDitude had a list of forum posts and your post headline was listed there. I though “What is Irlen Syndrome?” So I clicked the link… and OMG! Not all of the symptoms happen for me, but enough of them sure do to make me wonder. The words vibrate on the page, I see rivers running down the page, individual words will float off the page, and I have a hard time getting my eyes to find the beginning of the next line without my finger tracking the edge. Under certain lights, or when the paper is very white, it will be even worse. Either I get very sleepy reading, or I become very anxious and fidgety. When on the computer, I feel much better if I can change the background of the page to another color. On my Kindle, I would like to make the backlight dimmer than the device allows me. Oh I could go on. Must investigate further — I wonder if my eye doctor has ever heard of this! I think you might very well have just helped me figure out something that has effected me since I was a child and been contributing to my slow reading speed. THANK YOU for posting this!

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