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      Does anyone have any experience with setting up and/or running a Special Education PTA group? Our PTA is wonderful and supportive, and very very active. They encourage parents to set up sub-groups within the PTA; in the past several years we’ve had parents set up groups to support the Latinx community and ESL students, a group to support the unique needs of African American students, a “fresh food giveaway” every week…..I mean, if anyone wants to volunteer to do work for the kids…they take them on! There are never funds for anything, but that seems to just be the reality in education.

      Setting up a SEPTA group seems like a good idea, and since we’re already pouring huge amounts of time and effort into working with the school to support our kid, it seems like banding together as a community might be helpful. If only for the sanity of the parents!

      Anyone done something like this? Ideas?

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      Dr. Eric

      See what structures already exist.
      In California, all Special Education Local Planning Areas have Community Advisory Councils (or similar names).

      They are also hurting for better outreach and parental participation.

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