Spaghetti Everyday!?

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    Dear friends, I am an adult diagnosed two years ago with ADD, and I take Strattera 100mg everyday, and I have a son that is almost 3 years old. It is very difficult for me to focus at the same time on cooking and keeping an eye on my son, so I am only able to cook the easiest meal: it is spaghetti every time!

    So… (1) would you share with me any cooking ideas that are as easy to cook as spaghetti?

    (2) what do you think of microwave + ready-made deep frozen food?

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    What about prepping meals, especially freezer meals, when someone else can keep an eye on your son for a while? You could prep once a week and then just pop things in the oven in the evenings. There are tons of recipes for this on Pinterest under “Freezer Meals,” but casseroles, baked pastas, and soups seem to be most common.

    More tips:

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    My mother suffers from Bipolar Disorder so I grew up on a diet of diet soda and microwave TV dinners. I developed normally & scored in the 98th percentile when my school did standardized testing. Your child will be fine, microwave away mama.


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