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      Hi – I am new to this forum and desperate. I have an 11 year old boy. ADHD maybe a touch of ocd and for sure odd in the home. He is so rude combative and SASSY. All the time. We are currently in court due to the number of times he has been late to school. Out of the home – he is involved with theatre , art, figure skating. Does very well in all. But everything falls apart the minute he walks in the door. The doctor has prescribed different meds but after having had a bad reactions to all of them – turning into a zombie – he now REFUSES to take anything. REFUSES. we don’t know what to do. Help

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      Penny Williams

      Here’s some expert advice on kids refusing ADHD medication:

      When Your Teen Stops Taking Her Pills

      I will point out too, ADHD medication should NOT make one feel like a zombie. If so, the dosage is too high and/or it’s not the right medication for them. And, there are alternatives to stimulants that may help without the same feeling.

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      Thank you. I did not realize that this was a common issue. He has tried 5 different meds that have had awful effects on him. And now he refuses.

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      Oh yes and is a problem even if they don’t have a bad experience with medication. All three of my boys have done that. My 15 year old son diagnosed ADHD and ODD has been on Adderall and Risperidone for years. The risperidone has helped with the hateful part. Then they didn’t want to take it. I made them a milkshake and put the medication in it. They didn’t even know.

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