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      Hello, My 7 year old son just started meds today. We are on a generic form of Concerta. 18mg dose. I have a few questions for anyone who can answer or provide advice:

      1 – should we see some immediate results or is this something that can take a day or two to build in his system?
      2 – we were warned about facial ticks and we have noticed what appears to be a tick where he smiles frequently while talking. does anyone know if this, too, is part of adjusting? should we wait it out and see if it goes away?
      3 – he is talking non-stop! He’s always been a big talker, but he is talking insane today, a regular Chatty Cathy.

      So far we haven’t noticed any other symptoms, no complaints of headaches, or tummy aches, and he ate his lunch just fine….so no decreased appetite. Other behaviors seem to be a little better.

      Just wondering what to expect. And at what point do we talk to the doctor if symptoms continue. Any feedback is welcomed. This is all so new!

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      Penny Williams

      Yes, you should see a bit of immediate results, although it may get worse before it gets better as your child adjusts.

      There’s a lot of mixed information on tics being the result of stimulant medication. Definitely talk to your doctor about that.

      Excessive talking could signal that the dose isn’t quite right, or that it’s the wrong medication for him. Again, talk to the prescribing doctor about this.

      I see that your son was started on the lowest dose of Concerta, so that’s good. Sometimes too low of a dose makes symptoms worse instead of better, contrary to what we would think.

      Here’s a great overview of ADHD medication that will help you understand what to expect:

      A Patient’s Primer on the Stimulant Medications Used to Treat ADHD

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      Thanks. I reached out to the pediatrician who encouraged us to stick with it for a full week and then we’d re-evaluate.

      He’s still ticking today (but he tells us he’s always done it but we just never noticed). He’s still hyper focused non-stop….today’s topic is reptiles. He’s eating a TON, which is actually interesting since that’s not normally what happens. I’m trying to take good notes, with hour specific signs and symptoms to see what helps.

      The first night he didn’t settle down for bed until after 10pm, and he woke bright and early at 4am….so that’s a disappointment. Hoping it’ll regulate a bit as time goes on. Guess we’ll just wait and see….

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