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      I have serious problems with singing and talking too loud. Now that I think of it, they go back forever. Probems in school, always caught talking/singing too loud for festival choir in grade 1 etc. Daughter developed a stutter because i yelled too loud, not at her but at other frustrating things. Thought it normal becuz neighbor did as well. Now i sing with 3 choirs and everyone was afraid to tell me allthough i do remember a recording of over 300 singers and my Bass voice stood out over the collage.
      Now I have a Tinnitus which makes it far more serious as i cannot hear my own voice very well or anyone on my left.
      Amitryptilene helps relieve the tinnitus and to stay asleep for 12 hours or more, Prescribed with concerta, but I would like to know of other solutions ADHDers have come up with. Only discovered this was one of our Peccadillos when i listened/watched carefully as it was only mentioned in passing, a 4 or 5 year old help video from Rick Green of totally ADD

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      Penny Williams

      I take Amitryptiline for fibromyalgia, and it doesn’t help my tinnitus one bit. I sure wish it did. The constant screaming in my ears is maddening.

      I also have genetic hearing loss. That made me wonder if using an in-ear magnification device (kind of like a hearing aid, but not fully) would help you to hear yourself more loudly and cause you to lower your volume a bit. Just thinking out loud really — but it’s a possibility to try.

      I also wonder if it could be auditory processing disorder…

      [Self-Test] Auditory Processing Disorder in Adults

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      Thanks ADHDmomma I took the test but many questions dont apply to ADHD senior retirees. Sort of like Childrens questions on some ADHD tests are not applicable to adults. Cell phones for example, dont have one. Conference calls ditto and havent gone to a bar or rock comcert in like forever. As for work, 20 years ago retired (2000 technically)2005 actually and sold Business, Phone calls were useless unless followed up with confirming email or letter. Our finished Product was a Report or letter. Spell check was a pain in the butt for those of us who spell using the Oxford English spelling and dictated or hand wrote material for trancription. Useless aa a keyboard which i can cover 3/4 of, with just my thumb. But given that 80 to 90% of the other questions were affirmative I suspect you are correct.
      I will try your suggestion. I have already had a partial plate made as several back teeth were missing. I read that the dome formed by your teeth and roof of your mouth are the source of self hearing. I tested for hearing aids but they indicated they would not be of any help, Which begs the question of the question, why would the answer be many times tested for hearing loss. Unless thats a planted question it makes no sense. 100% should be impossible for anyone paying attention.
      I dont know the reason Amitryptilene works for me, unless the source of the whistling steam sound is related to higher blood pressure ( increased dramatically when i had an Aortic valve replaced) Also it is in the ear adjacent to radical head and neck surgery mayo clinic, 25 years ago. I understood all the leftover blood vessels were sealed off in that area.

      Once again thank you four response and suggestions. My fingers are crossed.

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