So you have ADHD/ADD. What weird things have you thought about? DISCUSS.

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      Admit it. You have ADD. It’s why you’re here (Unless you’re a parent who wants to help their child, in which case you should go. You won’t find much information here). It’s literally a brain disorder that literally makes your brain wander and literally forces you to focus wayyyy less on what’s important and wayyyyy more on the inside of your head (of course, this mostly occurs when something important is happening and you actually need to pay attention. If there’s nothing important going on for your brain to skip over, you’ll probably just be painfully bored until something happens). And if you have school or don’t work at home, then that’s essentially six to twelve hours of nonstop daydreaming. Six to twelve hours of thinking of concepts then completely and utterly overcomplicating each and every one of them. Sometimes it’s six to twelve hours of depressing existential thoughts, and humans aren’t even supposed to think of those until really late into their retirements.
      Anyway, what are the weirdest things you have repeatedly and religiously thought about? What overcomplicated (and entirely pointless) concepts have you constructed in your head that you continue to add on to? I, for example, have spent a large amount of time constructing what is essentially my own religion that I actually believe in. I took Christianity and Buddhism, combined them, overthought them, and continue to rant about it to this day (mostly to my Mom. Yes, I live with my parents. Don’t let the good grammar fool you, but I’m actually thirteen). I also have a large and complicated view on the nature of man.

      I don’t know how to end this post, so I’ll just say hi and that I like the color orange.

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      OMG where do i start haha. my mind is always way way out in space. I constantly replay situations. Like if someone phrases something odd, I’m like was he making fun of me? What did he mean by that. If i get cut off in traffic I’m thinking how cool it would be if they slid off the road. Like all hollywood style haha. Fast and furious 12 spins into the ditch. If someone says something stupid or outrageous i will think about it. I think a lot about the universe too. Like it’s huge so how can we possible be alone. Maybe “they” suffer the same setbacks as us. Meaning “they” are millions of light years away. The trip is just to far. Maybe there is a ship up there full of dead aliens haha. Tried to make it and couldn’t. Usually i have like ten things playing all at once. Sometimes I don’t even really know what i was thinking about. Literally just garbage floating around up there. My brain is wired to ask “why” all the time. I can’t just take something at face value. You can’t just tell me something is true without supporting evidence. It’s kinda cool how random my thoughts are sometimes. I can laugh at every situation. So I constantly laugh about stupid random crap that nobody else gets.

      In school i never payed any attention. Barely knew the teachers name. Usually thinking about later that day. What was for dinner, did I lock the front door, why is the kid next to me scratching his head, does he have lice, mutant lice that will burrow through his skull, how come this chick in front of me smells like apricot and strawberry and mango and tangerine can’t she pick a damn smell, the lights are buzzing loudly, to damn loudly, maybe they will catch fire, where is the fire alarm in this room, oh its behind a stack of books, seems safe, wonder what the fire marshals number is, get this place shut down, why is this kid tapping his pencil, i will end him with that pencil in a minute, smells like burned tater tots, thought tater tots where on tuesdays now. and on and on and on. I can think about more random crap in twenty minutes than most people can all day haha.

      hi back to ya, i like blue, hate red with a passion. 🙂

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