So I’ve been told that I’m not doing well at my job…

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    … even though I’ve only been working there for only a month. I won’t disclose the place that I’m working at but it’s at a fast food restaurant at a zoo, and I’ve been told by one of my supervisors that I need to work on improving my positions as a cleaner in the lobby and as a handler. The problem is that since the first three days of working, I’ve been given half-assed instructions and these “instructors” (who aren’t even real instructors but are actually workers themselves) left out many minute details that have affected my performance as a worker. For example, I wasn’t aware that I didn’t have to actually scrub down the plastic trays, but that I only needed to soak them in soapy water and then spray and then let them air dry/manually dry them with a towel until today. I am aware that I have slipped up and at times they were my fault but I feel like I would have done way better in my performance if they have given me the details of what I should know. This is my first time working in food service, and everyone knows it, and it makes me highly upset.

    I’ve told my manager and my main supervisor about my disabilities, which are that of ADHD, Aspergers, and Auditory Processing Disorder. They were worried about how I would do on the cash register ever since I told them and now I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep my job because my other supervisor is trying to help me move up, which I’m grateful for. However, every time I improve on something, there’s another thing I need to improve (2/3 times it’s because no one told me of what I should actually do or know). Now my supervisor is worried for me because she doesn’t want me to get fired within three months of working because of my “lack of performance.” I’m not even sure if my manager or main supervisor, or even the lesser supervisor is aware or whether I’m actually gonna get fired if I don’t shape up or if they’ve informed her that that’s what they’re gonna do because I can tell there is miscommunication or lack there of within the whole department.

    What I also don’t get is that there are some other people with disabilities too, and they do a worse job than me, and newcomers who are just as bad as me. So I don’t understand the issue unless I’m missing something because God-forbid someone told me sooner. I even talked to one of my other colleagues and she said that she also got flack as a newcomer and not to worry so much.

    Now I’m confused. Yay.

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    I suffered the same thing, I think you’re ADHD. After my first three months I was given a poor rating on my appraisal and I was sacked shortly a%r

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      That’s what I’m afraid of. I don’t get why people still give us flack, it’s not like we can get a wand and magically change our brains. If this is their strategy to scare me into working harder despite trying my best, I’m gonna be p***** as hell.

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