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      I was diagnosed almost a year ago and wow has it been a difficult yet also strengthening year. I found great relief with medication but am often discouraged that I still struggle with ADHD behaviors daily. Lately I have been trying to take pleasure in the small steps I take every day to improve myself. That is difficult for me because I am most impatient with myself.

      When I am able to celebrate my tiny victories, it is easier to see my progress. Some tiny victories I want to acknowledge to myself:

      1. I have gotten so much better at pulling myself out of bed in the morning and getting dressed before noon
      2. I bought a calendar, posted it, and even wrote myself reminders on it
      3. I have gotten better at putting my keys on the key ring
      4. I can share my love with my family more fully as I am not aggravated by constant exhaustion (thank you, meds)
      5. I make dinner sometimes instead of never
      6. My tedious home tasks and chores seem more important to me now, which makes them easier to do. Repeatedly.

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      Penny Williams

      Medication is just one tool. It doesn’t “cure” ADHD, it just helps.

      You’re doing a great job tackling goals a little at a time. THat’s why you’re making good progress. Congratulations!

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Could you disclose the meds that help you with exhaustion?

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        I’m so sorry I just saw this. Probably not much help now, but I will share with you anyways.

        Exhaustion has been a huge struggle for me. At the time I wrote this I was on Adderall XR and Zoloft. Zoloft’s power wore off for me, so my doctor switched me to Desvenlafax. The Zoloft and desvenlafax were to treat anxiety.

        Even with Adderall I was not making it through the day without a nap, so my doctor said I was metabolizing my meds quickly and gave me a 5mg Adderall IR to take around 2pm as that’s when my tiredness came back.

        Now that I have a more normal energy level with the Adderall, I’ve been able to exercise more, which also helps my energy levels stay up. I have noticed, however, that Adderall’s appetite suppressing side effect makes me not eat regularly and makes healthy foods not as appealing, so I’ve had to be careful to eat nutritious foods throughout the day so as not to have energy dips, too.

        Also, if I don’t take my meds consistently, my energy levels are all over the place.

        Hope you found something that helps!

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