Slight tingling in arms and legs when Adderall wears off

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      Hi, I’m fairly new to taking Adderall. I take 10mg 3x/day. I have noticed that I get some temporary tingling in my arms and legs when a dose has worn off. I have done some research and know that tingling in hands and toes is a possible side effect. Some places on the web say that this is a serious side effect and others say that it is not. I’m not getting it through my hands and toes, but rather parts of my arms and legs. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if there’s a reason why I would have this sensation only when the medication has worn off. Thanks!

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      Penny Williams

      Definitely talk to your prescribing doctor about this and let them decide if it’s a serious side effect and how to proceed.

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      I agree. Call your doctor. I will say, though, that my major side effects came when the dosage was wearing off and I had those effects for a few weeks but then they dissipated. I am on xr once a day and one ir in the afternoon. I can’t remember if I had tingling, but it seems familiar. I had a horrible crash each evening where I felt moody and tired and almost sick when my meds wore off. I also had a hoarse voice and would clench my jaw. All those went away, though. I did have to lower my dosage because of restless legs.

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      Thank you so much for your replies. I really appreciate it! I noticed I was clenching my jaw last night. I knew it’s a possible side effect but was surprised by it nonetheless. When I take the first dose in the morning I feel nauseous and my stomach hurts quite a bit. But after about 2 hours I feel much, much better.
      Thanks again for your advice, and also for sharing your experiences. 😁

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