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      So, past 5ish months I switched to adderral, tried several meds trough the years, focalin was what I was on the longest, but had was just that I thought it was as good as it was gonna be. I guess, being that I’m a recovering alcoholic, psychiatrists in my local rural area were hesitant to try adderral due to the connotation. I started seeing a soecisalist about an hour and a half away 5 months ago. Hadn’t been on meds for almost a montb(had saw my other doc for the three scripts he could give me, yet couldn’t afford a visit to get more, and already had an appointment with new doc). It had been life changing, she was able to see the severity of my case unmedicated, I’ve alaays been honest and such with docs, even with alcoholism. Those around me were amazed…I’m FuLL time at my job I love! Fits my adhd brain, I just have such bad hyperactivity it hurts to sit still without meds. I started thinking through my decisions automatically, and way less impulsive. Started running again (30ish miles a week), sleeping 8 hours a night w zero trouble, and family said more thoughtful and considerate. Funny, unlike many, it has no “wake up” factor AT all!!! I don’t even feel a difference..doc asked how long it lasts, I said “no idea”— no distinct change in my brain, or “perk”, only changed behavior. I started using my coping skills too—and for sleep, which has been a huge struggle since infancy, I started develop a strict bedtime routine, and accepted it didn’t have to be like other people’s. I can’t unwind with watching a TV show, I can’t sit at night, prob bc meds wear off!! But I do (around 8 pm): 30 min on my exercise bike(in addition to the un I do between my XR and IR—take XR at 8, get off work at 3, run from 4-5, med at 5:15, and I guess 8-8:30 is likely whne it wears off!!! Bc I get ultra physical Hyper— my hyper is like a typical adhd 9 year old boy stereotype. So ya, bike, 15 min yoga, dry brush my skin, shower with last five min turning to “cold” for my skincare essential oils and coconut oil, PRogresoave muscle relax, ice cream with peanut butter (gotta have the PB— I’m already an underweight BMI, I truly need extra calories), and then I take multivitamin, alpha lipid acid, and co10q, iron, and melatonin as needed .

      Well…. had a family situation where I now have to drive myself to work 45 min away , go home and then immediately take my boyfriend to work 40 min away and back (with our 11 month old), THEN after my bedtime (10:30) I have to make another 90 min round trip to pick him up at midnight!!!! I normally sleep amazing? bUT whne it’s thrown off even ONE night, my adrenaline goes to high speed physically!!!!! And muscles tighten so deep even the PMR doesn’t work. In the past, whne interrupted, o do things as normal exevpet start my bedtime story outine ealeier and stretch it out and take melatonin as it gets dark…(2 hours before bed). I cannot nap, or sleep in bc my body so used to rhythms normally this isn’t an issues, except my sleep has been on a sdownward spiral and gets worse each day!! Brain doesn’t race, yet body wound to the core! And bc replacw exercise with FIvE hours in a car the sleep I get is sucky quality!! He’s finally getting rides home at least, and we will be moving soon . Qustij tho: I’ve tried skipping my 3-5 pm dose of adderral several times in hopes it would help me nap and/or fall asleep easier, again the longer the cycle the harder it is to ge back…BuT it usually only takes me one good night to be fully reset (silver lining, along w that this only hplens whne unforeseen life things happen, whne all normal no issue, if just may not be normal for a bit). Anyway, the night I had an opportunity to sleep early on his off day, I skipped second med, it sO backfires, i dusky. Fall asleep until THREE am!!! I was so bad next day, tried skipping again bc he had two aha off in a row thinking was just a fluke, even worse!! I admired to my boyfriend in a hysterical fit I tried everything and even skipped med. this was 8 pm, and he said “becca I didn’t rwaliAw how bad this wa sgettibg. I’ll get rides home, but go take your medicine now”. I did , went to go to haststaion 10 min away for something, and on way home my ultra wound muscles literally just let go, like a muscle relaxer. I fell asleep by 9:3”, and this happened two monthas ago vendors the stressor, just a fluke, and skipping afternoon med made me worse then too, and whne I too the next day fell asleep (he remembered this which is why he said to take —he knew wa a short time it lasted too compared to am dose). I get the same affect with exercising strenuously before bed too. Powerful stimulant, and vigorous exercise, the two things that keep problem. Wide awake, tale mh body fully out of adrenaline mode. They don’t make me sleepy, bc they always don’t make me awakes jut don’t affect that leg of me. They losen my wound tight mahcels

      Why is this?! People have knives the adderral really regulates my brain chemicals, I have no side effects, no dry moth or anything)s. I was so curious as to why, bc knowing why these chemical affects help me whne yuck in sleep ddless adrenaline mode, mah e it can cue me I. On other coping skills

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      Penny Williams

      There may be some strategies you haven’t tried in this article:

      Wired, Tired, & Sleep Deprived

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Excellent!! Great article!!! This is exactly me !! I don’t feel so alone after reading aha! And it explains how my time management has been off during the day so badly too! I’m able to squeeze in deep sleep (after trial and error) since our life changing thing in my family, buttime is my big struggle , o spend and hour Lilly gagging in the gas station yesterday!! Running late more than usual! This is why! My rhythms used to be so on track, I was doing well! Now that they are not, it affects the day too!! Going to try these extra tips, and actually today more will be revealed about our circumstance, so then I can adjust 🙂 thanks again !

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