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      Hello everyone, I’ve never done a forum before I usually keep to myself because well no one ever understands this stuff. After years of feeling like a failure and messing everything up I met a wonderful woman who within 10 minutes solved most of my problems. Countless doctors and psychologists over my adult years and this woman hit home in 10 minutes flat. She prescribed me Concerta and it was life changing with only a handful of side effects I could live with. That was 3 years ago now and I moved to a new state. After waiting on a long waiting list I finally got an appointment with a new psychologists and she decided since it had been a year to start me at a low dose again (1 year without taking any medication) well my insurance only covers generic Concerta which I initially wasn’t concerned about. I’m second guessing that now though, I spoke with my doctor about 3 weeks ago and she raised my dose to the 36mg. Prior to her raising the dose I told her my anxiety seems to be getting much worse and I feel off. The past few days have gotten… Scary for me to say the least. I’ve never had any paranoia or severe anxiety before this, I have anxiety but nothing like this. She told me that Concerta doesn’t make anxiety worse and doesn’t cause headaches that it’s probably the stress from everything else going on. Has anyone else experienced something like this? Did your doctor take you serious or is this simply because I stopped and restarted taking the medicine? Do I just fight through until the side effects go away? For reference it’s been 5 weeks, 2 weeks at 27 mg and 3 at 36mg. The past week has been the worst it’s gotten.

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      Penny Williams

      Many are experiencing these kinds of side effects from the generic Concerta, and little benefit. When my son was taking it, we had to have his doctor write the prescription with “brand medically necessary” so insurance would cover the brand Concerta, which actually worked. You can also ask a pharmacy to stock the Actavis brand of Concerta generic for you, which IS equivalent (chain pharmacies won’t carry it but a local or regional pharmacy would likely do this for you).

      The FDA actually revoked the equivalency status of the first batch of generics several years ago because they didn’t work like the brand name. Now there’s many new generics and I’m hearing that they’re worse.

      Generic Concerta Is Not Created Equal

      You could try long-acting Ritalin or one of the other methylphenidates. They all have the same active ingredient (methylphenidate) but different compositions and time-release mechanisms.

      Methylphenidate: ADHD Medication Overview

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