Should I get a back up job? How should I do it?

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      So an update on my current job. I’m on my second month, and even though I’ve improved a lot, I still need some improvements to do. I do have some employees that are nice enough to give me advice and tips and tricks to make things go over more smoothly and fast. There is this one thing in the back of my head “what if I get fired for not being good enough?” because some people will hint at me that I could if I don’t do better, and when I do better it seems like there still needs to be improvements, even though they aren’t bosses themselves. I’m highly anxious and stressed all over again and I’m thinking about getting a back up job. The problem is that during special events like Octoberfest or Christmas time. We have nights to work, and although we usually have to have them done on weekends, we sometimes do it on weekdays. For instance Halloween is going to be on Thursday this coming week and I’ll have to work that night. My initial plan was to work from Monday through Wednesday at night at a grocery or gift shop, but I don’t how to incorporate that without it making it seem I want to leave the job ASAP, but I’m worried because I need something to build up on my resume. I want to ask my boss if I can work full time after the three month mark and I want to know how I can tell them of a second job I’m doing. I feel so insecure in my job because I feel like I’m put in this situation where I have to sink or swim and this is only my second job, and my first time working with fast food. My first job was an office job which was so much easier to do.

      Also some of the workers really piss me off too because they know I have ADHD and APD but still get mad or irritated if I don’t catch what they say in such a loud, noisy environment.

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