Should have, would have ,could have..The state of Regression.

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      Having ADHD and practicing some of the great suggestions here on this forum make having ADHD not that big of a deal. Once we seem to get a handle on what a learning disability like ADHD is all about the more we thrive. At least compared to what our life was like before we were diagnosed,which brings me to the topic of should of, would of could of, or we can call it regression.

      My regression scenario can start when I think of a situation I may have messed up which leads me into thoughts of other self-sabotaging actions I have taken in my life and before I know it an hour has passed, I become lethargic and depressed.

      I love studying in a one and one situation and have been very fortunate to have been able to work and study with some great men in my field. I was having breakfast with one of them the other morning. I studied with him over 30 years ago. If I would have followed through on half the actions i should of taken I would be in a much better space career-wise. Although my life would look different than it is today and I am not sure I would trade it because I love the family I am involved with today but anyway, I mentioned that to him the other day and he said you know what might be worse? Feeling the same way in 30 years from now.

      What do some people do here to get them out of that regression state? I can’t be the only one that goes through this.

      Thanks in advance


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