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      Open for advise on this one
      I’ve been having trouble doing my weekly shopping
      I budget 100-150 Pw for food and cleaning ~~~
      I get to supermarket loaded with list in hand days dision making and a list
      I leave home with the strength of a barbarian I have spent hours building the courage
      Soon after being inside the store I find myself being led by advertising Phycology
      Every where I 👀. I tell my self hold your sword high and call upon my self for the insuring
      Battle I have entered has been designed by highly paid strategists remember they are armed with
      Enough data to turn the head of a raging bull I don’t think there a person on this earth that leave
      Any of these stores with only what they intended to purchase
      That leaves us with no safety net to call upon in a battleground we can not concur
      We you and me leave with no joy as we really knew we have never won this battle
      The more we try the smarter and stronger the data monster evolves
      Every wrong purchase goes into this works for us book. We can use this tactic over and over
      And forward to another weekness they can exploit
      I Choose to try online shopping groceries the phycological marketing’s blanket is thickened in this environment
      I have persisted for six weeks now and even after six weeks the marketing is winning
      I’m two days with no time limits to compile a must have list of only essentials
      Ha ha when I have finished and are checking before ordering I can see the items I probably do not need
      That the marketing have convinced me I need but like a hoarder I’m feeling I can’t delete them off my list
      Because I’ve already been convinced I need (half price/2 for1/online only specials Ect)
      I know there is no short answer. If any one has devised a routine to get around this please share

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