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    Just found this forum and wanted to share my thoughts. I don’t usually write poetry but this poured out of me this morning…

    Stop biting your nails
    he slaps my hand
    He doesn’t understand
    I can’t process what he’s saying
    Unless I’m gnawing at my skin

    Stop interrupting, you’re just so rude
    but it comes out of my mouth
    before I think it through
    and if I don’t say it now
    It’s lost forever

    Could you finish your sentence for once
    I’d love to
    but a thought flew by
    and it caught my eye
    and I need you to help me get back on
    the train of thought I was riding on

    Please don’t poke your head in my car!!!
    It’s a failure on wheels,
    It’s a mobile, public display
    of the things I can’t get round to
    and the mess in my brain

    Why can’t we have more?
    Because I forgot to pay the bills
    And now I’m paying charges
    So there’s no money left for thrills
    I have failed you again, kids

    But you’re a doctor and you got straight A’s
    so I feel like a fraud
    I squeezed 7 years of college
    into a dozen night befores
    Not a doctor, ssshhhh.

    Please accept my apologies for my late reply
    I lost a day to dazing
    and a month to wondering why
    and promising tomorrow
    knowing I’ll hide from that too

    Please turn the music down, I can’t taste my food
    There are days I wish I was deaf
    To be able to think
    without the singing of the birds
    derailing my train

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    There are so many things in your haunting poem that do us justice. All those trigger words “forgot” apologies” “deaf wish” and I am half way there, a “dozen night befores” “if i dont say it now” “cant process what hes saying”
    If only I”lost a day to dazing ” instead of a thousand days

    The wonder is, when we live to be my age and you ponder all those things that made the once you cringe, we view it with the fondness that loving oneself especially our fully exposed peccadillos, is the reward.

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    Neurotypicals have the impossible task to understand how you feel, what you experience. Comorbidities of anxiety and spectrum make it even harder. Poems and drawings are an excellent means to communicate with them.

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