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      Recently, I discovered that I had put a frozen pizza in the oven with the piece of cardboard still attached to the bottom. Not a big deal, but my husband claims that it is the second time I’ve done that. To me, this is a typical (for me) ADD moment.

      Another time, I was waiting for a flight to visit my parents. I thought I’d write a few Xmas cards while waiting. I got so hyper focused that I totally missed my flight, despite the fact that I was sitting right near the departure gate. How did that “happen”?! ADD.

      Have you experienced anything of this nature recently??!

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      Oh I can so relate to the pizza mishap Ive done it once that I remember. in the past year 3 times gone tthru fast food drvie thrus talking to my son once was this week. Paid for food decided to go to dollar store for drinks. ended up there for an hour getting other things. some frozen we unloaded the car I’m putting up frozen stuff. I asked my son where the tacos were and get them out so we could eat not there OMG SOMEONE STOLE OUR FOOD WHILE WE WERE IN THE STORE AD I FORGET TO LOCK CAR ALL THE TIME!!! He looks at me “mom did you even wait for the food?” crap I don’t remember he said I don’t think you did. Why didnt you notice either. said he was distracted in his phone, likely showing me a video… calked tbem she remembered me because they tried to run me down. This us my 3rd time different places. Tbe first time luckily I had him a car was honking and pointing.. ugh what? I thought.. I had crossed the highway she said I think that lady us hollering to you! Yep had our food in hand. second time was at a chicken place called them they still had it. The taco place was nice enough to remake my order it hadbeen over ab hour. I went in this time told the lady to please tell the lady I talked to Ms. ADD is back. They laughed. I cant count the mindless things I’ve done. Had a gravely bad situation in family was expecting phone call out of state. Had brought in a 12 pack of diet drinks put in fridge. Was wondering why my cousin hadn’t called started looking for my phone. Even used my work cell gone to my car, I knew I had tbe ringer up nothing… well biw I found out cell phones don’t get signal in the refrigerator. Yep it was in the case with the drinks!!! Just one of many “only me!” moments. Hope that makes you feel better?

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      SORRY For errors the space disappears on my phone when I type. notice the horrible errors later 🙁 EVEN harder to edit. Probably meant for computer no access at home sorry. Good thing I don’t travel really anymore. Missing a flight would send me into meltdown. Yikes!!!!

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        I did that too!!! —re. paying at the drive through, then forgetting to wait for the food!! Luckily, I was still in the vicinity when I figured out something was missing. Often it’s like that with my ADD snafus, I catch myself very shortly after the fact.

        One area that I have never adequately addressed is the library fine issue. Each time I pay up, I vow to come up with a system for getting the books back on time, and I don’t follow through. I have single handedly endowed a wing of the public library with the fines I have paid over the years for late books and videos. I try to pay in cash, so I don’t have to explain the (recurring) expense to my husband…I should ask him for help…

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      Thanks for letting Me know I’m not the only one that ddoes that. That last time I spent too long at tbe store getting drinks..well thought of a million other things and had my ADHD son with me. He was with me every time I’ve done this. Not his fault he was engaged in his phone. But he knows me too well since he said did you forget tbe food (again). We haven’t been to the library in a bit but every year around the holidays our library does a canned food drive $1.00 credit per canned food or non perishables so that has helped us. As long as your fine isn’t over $10.00 you can continue to check out so if you can’t pay it all at once you can pay on it. It’s just us but guess what you just reminded me I have bills to pay but need to check our expenses and what is due. I don’t know how private meaning tbe internet not just the site is but I’ve been Outof work on FMLA for several weeks. Had a bad year with physical stuff too well my job is teally hard. Been there 16 years seems to add more to it every year I got so behind and confused so my doctors and now counselor are too close so now they are really making things a nightmare. My grumpy psych has too many patients so 10 min visit tried to talk to him so primary said she would TEXT him (hmmmm I have his home number all of his patients do but I don’t do eell talking to him on the phone so yeah my EAP Counseloris way too close to them both so he calls me in under tve guise of completeing my paperwork, I wanted to see him and my primary already did it) He raises his voice took me off celexa ok I asked to Change prior visit and adderall claimimg they are making me MANIC. Put me in anti psychotocs told him I cannot take them we’ve tried before everyone has guven me meltdowns. i have chronic migraine back in tbe late 80s early 90s nothing helped before triptans now I have stenosis in neck too. A sleeo study at home showed issue with my heart tacardia and they did sleep study I didnt sleep I was having issues sleeping getting to work extremely late and sometimes staying late at night or not at all. I was so busy putting out fires things critical things for 7 counties piled up. Ok sorry I’m ranting these were SUPPOSED to be funny. They have me more messed up than ever, my anxiety is bad (sorry my primary originally told me she would ask him to tweak my meds my counselor thought I need anxiety meds tweeked) well when he called Me he said due to my age almost 49 have ovaries but surgery the meds put my foot on the gas.My doctor is asking me to do THE Impossible. I don’t need that can’t do it (sorry got the TRUTH from her yesterday that she won’t sign release to work unless I do this) Good reasons I can’t or won’t. I haven’t Yelled at anyone cursed not argued well I’ve told her I don’t agree with tve8diagnosis. My psych sent me to counselor took a very long test my kids are Adhd and I noticed I waa much like them growing up but they are boys but I suspected it s long time. He spent a while talking to me so YES I have it
      I started with provigil at my request
      , this was years ago I was falling out a lot. Made my migraines bad. we ended up with concerta it was great at first. so we switched to adderall I admit time seemee to fly by too much maybe. went back to ciconcerta Instant migraine but who knows right now I wish I was on concerta. I followed his wishes and stopped guess what? Bed in pain all day and tbe serequel knocks me out. Took one last night quarter of what he wants. I couldnt take it. Tomorrow I need to make calls to get tnis fixed AT HOME. I’ll do what they say But they HAVE to consider my situation. I read in here somewhere they probably are Now misdiagnosing me. They need to check my hormones and help me adjust. My counselor said they want you to rest. Really? are they going to pay my bills insurance? my leave id probably gone. I planned to check on my short term disability and t
      last week I was too busy sleeping. If she had bern straight up with me that she wasn’t trying to ask him to tweak my meds I wouldnt have been taking tbat seroquel and dealing with tbis. I cant function so its holiday weekend she tells me i got physically sick migraine nausea the whole thing because our future is at stake. SORRY FOR ALL THIS. I REGRET GOUNG TO THAT PSYCH EVER! IT WAS MY IDEA I KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG. Its been worse since Ive seen him except in the beginning he did a good thing when my depression was at darkest added lamactical. The Adhd meds helped at first… now well so much to figure out immediately. I don’t know i
      this was the best place to vent. we have no close support. My boss had been patient coworkers caring but no actual real support I can can’t on. There have been friends here and there but they have their own lives problems. NO his dad isn’t an option. Thanks for letting me vent. Even if it doesn’t make sense. It was supposed to be funny sorry. I wanted it ti be. suddenly things went from bad but ok we can handle this to I have no idea… If you made it this far and managed to follow tgank you. My football game is on need distraction badly. Have a grat day and I’m gonna try to #RiseUp ☺

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      My memory has always been terrible, and since I got my diagnosis, I know why. This week I entered the post office and couldn’t remember my PO Box number. I knew the vicinity of my box, so I had to stealthily try my key in a couple of boxes until I found mine. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve stood in front of my office door clicking my car key to unlock it.

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        Looking for a lost shoe and running late, i suddenly realized I’d been holding the shoe the entire time.
        Lately I’ve attempted to expand magazine pictures or small print on instructions, as if I’m viewing from my phone or iPad.

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      Today I received a letter, returned to me: I filled out the first two lines of the address with my friend’s name and street, but the last line, somehow I wrote MY OWN CITY, STATE and ZIP CODE!!!! Arg!!

      I suspect that my brain shifted into automatic pilot. Perhaps in some circumstances, that could be very efficient!!!:)

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        Oh my God – I’m new here and don’t know if you frequent often enough to get this, but I had to reply. I recently found a letter I thought I had mailed show up in my mailbox because it didn’t have a stamp. Coincidentally this was my letter from my doctor requesting an excuse from jury duty due to my ADHD.

        …and this after I had reported for duty initially, not thinking about this being legitimate issue (duh), and was a half-hour late after going the wrong way on the freeway.

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      I had made plans to go out to dinner with two other friends. I was meeting one friend at the restuarant and picking up the other friend who lives in my neighborhood. I jumped in the car and put the radio on and started singing. I was in my own little world when I drove right by my friends house straight to the restuarant. When I got into the restaurant my ffriend said “Where is Katherine?” I said oh crap…I will be right back. My friend just laughed and said oh boy, how did you do that? Seriously hyper-focused on the radio.😮

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        I think that the webmaster should add a button that says “Yep, I did that/that happened to me too”!

        I can’t remember whether I posted it here, or elsewhere on this site, but I once missed a plane because I got hyper-focused in writing my last minute Xmas cards at the departure gate sitting area.

        Someone else mentioned having lost glasses, I never lost my glasses as a child, but as an adult, I have lost them several times. Once, and I don’t know exactly how this happened, I found my glasses in my ficus tree, during an infrequent watering!

        One thing that I think we all should remember to do is GIVE OURSELVES A BREAK!!! Find the humor in these situations, and try to avoid self-deprecation to the point that we are apologizing for our very existence. As a group, we are very understanding and accommodating of others, and I think that we deserve the same respect and patience of of our fellow humans, regardless of our foibles!

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      The story of my life and i didnt find out til i was 70 raging AdHD that is. I absolutely cannot talk at the checkout about anything and give the right answers to debit or credit card transactions. I now warn people behind me at costco that the register will break when i am in the line and to assume it will take 15 minutes for me to check out. Same at the grocer… i now never use the express line.. unfair to others i think. As to cooking this weeks todos were forgetting to,set the microwave timer for half the cooking time so I can flip the pork chop, burger, or fish fillet and cook both sides. Yesterday i shut my ipads down completely and missed my cardiologists appointment 2 hours late and the same for a mens group meeting later that day. By the way fish fillets charcoaled oneside raw on the other are edible. Pork chops not so much. Two consecutive days last week
      i have two ipads so that my timing alarms willactually go off and miss set them at least twice a week.
      Talking while driving totally wacks me. I have driven through an intersection i am supposed to turn at completely to the other side of the city 30miles away.
      You can imagine my relief when i found out this was ADHD not Alzheimers.and of course Sunday Monday were one continuous disaster. Went to church after breakfast just making it in time for Choir , stayed after for coffee and finished my 4th cup including breakfast, then decided i should order my Meds at the pharmacy on the way home. Couldnt actually buy them cuz i forgot my wallet. I also forgot to visit our newly renovated washrooms before leaving. Now i rush out of pharmacy to car in cold wintery weather and start for home on a cold car seat. You can guess the result which has never happenned before but i tried. Didnt even stop for car gas and air in that front tire Still the spare from a flat two weeks ago.
      Made it home and rushed in to change my trousers, The next day i lost my glasses and was desperately looking everywhere but had to wear an old pair which kept losing a lense. That evening on my way to singing at a senior Rez my tire went flat on my way to pick up gas and the lense dropped out of my spare pair. Of course i was 30minutes late for a 45 minute concert. Drove home later and looked all over the floor of the car. Unfortunately i left the interior lights on, the temp went down to Zero and next day my 5 year old battery would not start the car for an already late Drs appointment. You know the rest. And its only Wednesday. Thank god i had nothing planned for today …I think.

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      Most recently this past weekend I forgot to feed my also ADHD son lunch…both days. Oh hyperfocus! But those Christmas presents look pretty with their ribbons and bows under my tree BEFORE Christmas Eve and he beat his scores in his spelling words games! …we now have an alarm set that says “make Kay lunch” on my phone. Whooops!

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      A few years ago a colleague drove me back to the restaurant of works do the following day to pick up my car; it wasn’t until I went to unlock it that I realised my keys were still on my desk at work.

      I have been to a show at a theatre on more than one occasion without remembering to take the tickets.

      A long time ago I took my clarinet case to school without the clarinet inside; didn’t notice it was unusually light either! When I got to rehearsal and discovered it wasn’t there I owned up straight away, because, well, why wouldn’t I? Band conductor made me sing my part into a microphone. It was totally humiliating, but I think it was pure luck that it didn’t happen again because I do that sort of thing all the time.

      Pick up daughter from school, return pants to store for a refund, what’s so hard about that? Then I get home to “Did you take those pants back?” and think ‘bloody hell not again’

      I wouldn’t mind, the add things I do don’t particularly bother me, other than making me feel stupid, but they do bother my wife, particularly if there are repercussions for her. I am generally very accepting if I do something daft and have to deal with the consequences myself, but most of the time it’s the rest of the family that do.

      The hardest part of it all is being accused of not caring enough, as if my lack of ability to remember (or indeed notice) something important is a willful disregard of its importance and/or proverbial V sign to it.

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      I once spent a frantic five minutes, already late for school run and work, searching for my car key.

      When my teenage son walked back into the house to ask what was taking so long, I screamed through gritted teeth, “I can’t find the f@@king car key!!!!”

      “Uhhhh, Mom, it’s in your mouth”

      Now I avoid leather key fobs!

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      Good to have some humor.

      I think my silliest story the car incident.
      I used to take the train to work, and of course I am running late. I park my car in this two story parking garage, grab my things, and dart off to work. Later that day, I take the train home and start walking to the car. I notice several police men around my car, the front door is open and the car was running. I say “hey guys what’s going on?” They ask me if this was my car, I said yes. Well apparently in the morning I jumped out of my car, forgot to shut off my engine, take the keys with me,and left the door open. Someone called and the police were afraid I was kidnapped. I asked why hey weren’t laughing, and they said “we will laugh back at the station ma’am.”

      I guess this is humorous if these things were a rare occurrence, but alas they are not.

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        This reminds me of a story that a friend of mine told, where she pulled up to the unloading area of the airport (in a very small town), got on the plane, then realized that her car was still parked in front of the airport.

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      Once at my parents office, I put a box of instant noodles into the microwave but forgot to add water. A while later, a whole load of smoke came out, and the cleaning lady exclaimed “Hey, why is there smoke coming out of the microwave?” Even the wedding gowns at the office smelled of smoke (my parents are in the wedding business). Oops…

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      I am 50. I was dx’d ADHD as a youngster then MS 18 years ago. As luck would have it, the MS hit my cognitive function. I quickly became the moronic headless chicken running in circles with no clue why. I have lost more cars, keys, clothing and organizers than I want to think about. When I was in a car accident on the way to retrieve my son from school, I had a family member go get him. His response was huh, I figured she just forgot me again. I bought “food” for a pet snake and remembered I had forgotten to “serve” it. I was cooking spaghetti for my family at the time. Anyone care to guess where the snake food ended up? Yeah. Take out anyone? If we do not lose the house due to failure to pay the mortgage, it will only be because prayer works. I can no longer balance a checkbook…and the electric company sends a man out to get my payment! Now, I have a son with ADHD and a husband with early onset dementia. They both tell me they are grateful that I have such a good memory. Tears or hysterical laughter? Ah well, God has a sense of humor. Now if I just don’t lose mine!

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      The list of ever-changing hobbies have cost me tons of money is by biggest complaint. Any new hobby I find interesting leads me down a financial rabbit hole of buying “everything I might need”! Any hobby that involves “buying gear” excites me, and I soon find myself spending tons of money (or charging) to do it.
      I have spent thousands of dollars on hunting gear and found myself bored with it all only after three seasons. I’ve spent a bunch on other outdoors activity as well only to fill my garage with stuff I never use (but might some day!)
      My passionate interests have changed at least 10 times in the past 20 years, with a house full of relics from hobbies gone by!
      I’m “into photography” now with several thousands of dollars spent so far in only a year and a half!

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      I often stop at a stop sign and wait for the light to turn green.

      Went to work in my slippers, didn’t even notice, despite the snow.

      In high school I frequently forgot to wear a bra.

      Didn’t realize my passport was expired until I was at the airport checking in for my flight.

      Plants live in my house for as long as they can survive without water.

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      A colleague just came by asking if anyone knew who the three cups of cold coffee next to the machine belonged to. I guess I really should to get a refill this time…

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      I am 57, will be 58 next month. I was diagnosed adhd (and other stuff) 3 yrs ago. I do home repair jobs for folks where my tools and stuff get hauled out to use. Some of them I can’t seem to find before leaving after I’m done. I usually get them back when they call me to inform me they found one of my belongings I forgot. Sometimes it’s news to me if I haven’t had a need to use the item since then. I have become aware that the medication wears off in the afternoon but a lot of the time it catches me by surprise while I’m working. One evening I misplaced an important tool at their home. I called them to say they might stumble onto it and they couldn’t see it anywhere. They really canvassed the entire home. It was my cordless drill that is part of a set using the same batteries so, it meant I was also down 1 battery. I looked everywhere at home and every place I could have been, even places I was was sure I hadn’t been. It made me crazy and really upset with myself this time. The tool wasn’t a cheap one either, and I cant just go out and buy another so I got by with an old beater drill until I could solve this mystery. I thought I had really done it this time. It was gone. I went through the usual grieving and kicking myself for that. This was over a year ago. After going through that day in my mind over and over for weeks it hit me that I may have somehow left it where it was covered up by sheet rock inside a hollow place in their wall. I couldn’t expect these folks would be OK with ripping their wall open to see so I didn’t ask. I thought “that’s what I get for being an airhead at times”. That it’s a par for the course for being special so I let it go finally. Fast forward to a week ago these same people had to replace their water heater. It was on the other side of that same wall where I suspected the tool was. The home owner has an inspection scope with an LED viewing screen and we got ready to drill a small hole to put the probe in to look. The anticipation was not unlike Geraldo on TV busting a hole in a basement wall hoping to find Al Capone’s secret treasure stash. The cavity hadn’t seen light for a year so when the probe panned around it looked like those murky videos of the Titanic, and then it came into view. Hah! I knew it was there all along….not! Everyone was excited to see the mystery of the missing Dewalt finally solved. I must try to be extra vigilant in those fuzzy hours when the meds drop me like a hot potato and get all loopy. Or just stop before something ridiculous happens. That would be much easier.

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      Not sure I can count the times

      -Have left the lawn mower running after getting of to move some limbs, then decided to go ahead pick up all the limbs, lawn mower ran until my wife got home and as I was watching
      TV asked me why the lawnmower was running
      -Put clothes in a pile to wash, never made it to the washer,
      -Have got them to the washer, but never turned it on
      -When i have got them in and turned on never swapped them over
      -Left my car runnning in the employee parking area multiple times for the entire work day
      -Left groceries in my trunk for a couple of days
      -If I am not driving to work, but going in the same direction I end up driving to work, then having to change course
      -Forget my Dr appts for my ADHD meds, until I take the last one
      -Always have 10 half completed projects going on (glass half full kind of guy)
      -Before I got married, all the bills that weren’t paid thru autodraft. the companies would call, and email me before they would charge me late fees
      -I have a list of what to get at the grocery store, but usually left the list at home, in my vehicle, or forgot I put it in my pocket. Then try to go off my memory. Which
      never works
      – It doesn’t matter what project I am doing it shouldn’t take me longer than 30 mins to a couple hours..3 days later……
      – If i tell you I am only playing 18 holes of golf ..just know it will be 36 holes
      – If I going to play cornhole for a few hours, just know it will be all night or until everyone else quits..

      My wife enjoys my ADHD so much

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      Last week it took all day to finally get to that cup of coffee I heated up in the microwave. I turn it on…1 minute and 6 seconds makes it hot but not hurting hot. Mmmmm coffee. During that time I got on with what I was doing and forgot I wanted coffee. Later that same day~…I go to heat up a sandwich and rediscover that cup still there (slaps forehead). So I run it through again because I mean it this time. Yep wandered off and lost out again. More later that same day~…I’m wicked hungry now so I go to heat up something to eat and see that same coffee still in there, and the sandwich I was going to have earlier right beside the oven on the counter. This time I made it a point to watch every second tick by until the ding. Boy that was a loooong wait, a whole 66 seconds but I got that coffee finally. Since I now had 2 sandwiches ready to go I stuck them both in same time and sat sipping my coffee and watched the sandwiches go in circles until the ding. I offered the newer warm sandwich to wifey and she was so tickled to get that (without asking for it first) like I read her mind. And I was like, “I was thinking of you when I did it” or something to that effect. In the end I became a coincidental mind reader and enjoyed the kudos for it.

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      When I was 20 I remembered months after that I had a babysitting job. The parents were in the final playoffs for curling and I never showed up. I have felt guilty every since. Another time I left my cellphone on the roof of my vehicle, when it fell off and I drove over it.
      I missed my son getting an award at school because I forgot to put a reminder in my calendar. I remembered an hour or two after the fact. I apologized to my son when I got home and he said it was boring anyways; obviously trying to make me feel better. I took a homemade prepared frozen lasagna out of the fridge in a pyrex glass container with a red lid and plastic wrap under the lid. Placed it in the oven and then 30 minutes later wondered what the smell of burning was and had a total meltdown. The lasagna was salvaged but I was really had on myself thinking how stupid could I be.
      I could go on and on but being diagnosed with ADD has really helped me to understand the why I forgot and to not be so hard on myself…..oh and I use my reminder calendar for EVERYTHING!

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      I’ve got this bad habit of pretty much leaving trails of my personal belongings all over the place. Jackets, notebooks, and other miscellany are strewn on chairs and other furnishings in a haphazard line leading to my latest location.

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      I have never been relieved to read all of these and actually see that I’m not the only one that constantly messes up unintentionally.
      I find myself always torn between over apologizing when things happen even though I don’t do it on purpose or just trying to get everyone to just accept that it’s who I am.
      My latest one was today when I was trying to multitask (keyword trying lol) at work. I was killin it and getting things done and I went to fill a row of three sinks where we wash our drinking glasses which takes about 4 minutes to fill with water so I started filling the first one and walked away to start doing something else in the mean time and 15 minutes later I found myself on the phone with my mom to tell her something before I forgot and walked back inside to work on inventory in the back and then I remembered that I was filling the sinks and ran around the corner and all three sinks were almost overflowing to the point where water was almost going down the sides onto the floor. Thank god my coworker caught it before I had a flood lol
      This morning I woke up three hours before work on purpose so that I could work on some laundry and fill out the month of February in my planner which would leave me with plenty of time to not rush getting ready and be out of the door early enough that I could eat and clean out my car before I drove the 2 miles to work and not feel rushed and somehow in the middle of me filling out my work schedule I realized that I needed to purchase a 2018 planner soon which turned into me looking at sites on my computer of customizable monthly planners which was crazy interesting to me because I think designing things like that is the coolest ever and I looked at my phone and I had 20 minutes to get ready and be out of the door to be pulling into the parking lot at the exact time I started work. Lol and there went all my plans to get things done out the window.
      Sometimes I have really good days but I definitely have days where I get so frustrated and mad with myself that I have no self control when it comes to hyper focusing and if I don’t write tings down that I need to do I Will forget and then 3 days later I’m back at square 1 frustrated with myself and wondering why my brain can’t just function like a normal productive person.

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        I completely understand why you had to get the calendar there and then! I do this because I know if I don’t do something that pops into my head straight away, I will forget! It’s so annoying because someone else could probably just make a mental note that they need the calendar and buy it when they get home from work.

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      I was in a panic looking for my motorcyle helmet. I was late, pushing the time as usual. My wife and daughter are sitting on the couch, when I ask them if they’ve seen my helmet, that Im late and cant find it when they just look at me with a look I can’t decribe, and my daughter says “Dad, your wearing it”
      I’ll ask a question during a conversation at work, and before they can answer, which is usually immediate, my mind has already moved on. 5 minutes later I ask the same question, that was never answered the first time and the guys look at me and shake their heads.
      They know I’m not an idiot, but I can tell by their look, its a consideration

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      Omg, thank you! Thank you all. I have done all of these things, and especially relate to the lost shoe!

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      I can relate to so many of these stories. Some of the silly things that I have done:

      – I was travelling through Europe (Interrailing) and had just stayed a couple nights in a hostel in Budapest; We had planned to go to Croatia next and I got on the train and everything seemed to be fine, until we get to the Hungarian/Croatian border and the passport checks are taking place. I look in my day bag and cannot find my passport; the police talk to me and ask to see my passport, but I cannot find it. I get off train and look through all my luggage, pulling out all my clothes, but to no avail. I am in the middle of some Hungarian town, in the middle of the night, with no battery on my phone and apparently no one speaks any English and I have no idea where I am. Luckily my friend had battery on his phone and we used GPS to get to the nearest hotel. I had to pay for both of us to stay in the hotel (My friend was not amused). I ring up the previous hostel and I had left my passport on the floor of the hostel. The next day we travel back to Budapest to retrieve my passport.
      – On the same trip I had my bag stolen from Rome Termini Station, which contained my passport, a go-pro and other important items (The go-pro wasn’t even mine). I had to spend a few more days in Rome at the embassy sorting out a replacement passport.

      There are plenty of other stories, but only have time for these two at the moment. I could keep writing about them forever, but I actually have to send a letter to my doctor to get referred for an adult adhd assessment, which has already taken me about a month to write haha.

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      Bradders2249 I think thats why we are impulsive shoppers .If we dont buy it immediately we will forget. And then we get home and have no idea why we bough it

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        I don’t particularly get the impulsive spending, like others, which is lucky. I buy stuff that I need, most of the time; If something I need pops into my head then I will have to log onto the internet wherever I am to buy it so I don’t forget later. This is bad because I do it at work or if I am in the company of other people!

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      Stephanie in CA

      I just cracked one of our pizza stones, which are supposed to be kept in the oven at all times, because I accidentally took it out, while it was still a bit hot, to clean off some burnt food. My wife has told me several times not to do this, and somehow I forgot. In situations like this, she accuses me of either not listening, not taking her requests seriously, or both. She knows I have ADD and has been asking me to get a life coach so that I learn some techniques for not doing this like this, particularly when my miscues lead to things getting broken.

    • #85097

      Went on a road trip to KC zoo this weekend and ignored my wobbly tire. On the way back my tire exploded and my phone was on 1% so I was stranded. I had a car battery charger in my trunk I decided to hook the black and red clips to my iPhone (thinking it would receive some type of charge… I know… idiotic). When I connected both clips it sparked a huge firework explosion in my car. I had to literally pat out the flames on my seat. Then I thought hmm I must have put them on in the wrong order. So his time I clipped the black before the red… same firework explosion in my car… why do I have no common sense? Oh after driving 4 miles in the grass with a flat tire on the rim I got some man to help me change my tire.

    • #85384

      LOVE this discussion!
      I am a 21 year-old female with ADHD primarily hyperactive/impulsive type.
      When I was in school I tried my hardest to balance part time work and full time school. Turns out I couldn’t.
      When did I figure this out? Well…
      I had to work at 12:30 one afternoon and for whatever reason my brain was telling me that I had to leave where I was at 12:30 because I worked at 1:00. I knew I worked at 12:30 but another part of me was telling me I worked at 1:00.
      It wasn’t until I was underground on the subway that those separate times connected and I internally yelled at myself. WHY DOES MY BRAIN WORK THIS WAY?! I was so confused and how was I going to explain this to my boss? “Hey, turns out I’m an IDIOT and decided I worked at a different time then I was scheduled.” No I just said there was a subway delay.

      • #85410

        This is so me…i am notoriously late. Or way too early. Before retiring I often met with clients at their office, or occasionally at lunch. After another infamous missed lunch with a client who waited over an hour, Client cancelled our $20,000 retainer (1992 Dollars) In desparation i finally delegated this responsibility to my assistant (she was really my neuro normal timeliness manager by then) It worked.
        15 years later when retirement set in, I was at a loss again. My Ibook was not helpful. About 4 years ago i bought my first Ipad. Gradually the use of the clock functions and reminders and the calendar have become my new replacement. Two ipads are used with twice the reliability as they actually interupt my hyperfocus long enough to work. Its not perfect but it is a heck of lot better than before.
        Until I shut them both off .

      • #86334

        Last week I drove right past my job. Been working there a year. 15 minutes late.

    • #86835

      Currently staring at a bag full of Christmas presents from 6 months ago. Deciding whether or not I’m mentally prepared to attempt organization… again.

    • #86844

      Many years ago I designated myself driver to all our golf outings As i carry spares in my car. I had forgotten though Most of you know the reason why Yesterday my friend and fellow chorister decided to drive and it was a Bright and sunny Solstice day with UV readings in Double digits. Of course i forgot my broad Hat and the Sunscreen. A life threatening situation for this 4 time survivor of major SC Carcinoma. Fortunately, though the course was in the wilds of the primitive Boreal Forest, i was able to purchase both at the rack beside the lunch counter/pro shop. The hat is Number 23 in my collction from golf course throughout North America and the Carribean. Supposedly a reminder of all the places i have golfed and forgotten essentials.

    • #89651

      Wow, could I spend some time here! Very new to all of this – 43 and only recently diagnosed earlier this year. I have one or more of these fun episodes almost daily, but one of my faves is from one Halloween in recent years, I was out with a group friends walking around a crazy street festival we have here. We were a mile or two from home base (my friend’s apt), and it started raining. I got separated from the group, with one of my friend’s friends, who was nice enough to walk me back home when we didn’t find the others. I got confused and took us a mile in the wrong direction, so then we had the other mile or two back the opposite way. All this time in the rain, cold, my feet drenched in wet sneakers, getting blisters, wearing a squeaky latex full-body catsuit. It ended up probably an hour before we made it back.

      The next day I’m texting with my good friend (that I got separated from), who asks, “Did you not bring the umbrella you bought with me?” O…M…G. I had had an umbrella in the bag I was carrying the entire time, that I had bought the DAY BEFORE specifically for this night. I even pulled my sneakers out of the bag to change shoes, put my heels in the bag, and still did not notice or remember the umbrella.

      So when they say, she doesn’t have the good sense to come out of the rain…


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    • #89813

      Don’t know if this is an ADD mishap, I am probably a bit older then most people on this site. I am 60 and just got diagnosed after many years of wondering what was ‘wrong’ with me. But back in the early 80’s myself and a childhood friend just picked up and hitchhiked from CT to CA. We got lucky, a trucker picked us up in OH and brought us all the out there.

    • #90441

      Lol you all have great stories. But I’m the undisputed king of forgetting. First and foremost, I’m a 29 year old who was diagnosed with ADHD at age 24. Recently I was invited to my godson’s 1st birthday party. No problem right? Wrong! The problem was. the party wasn’t going to be held at my friends home, but his sister and brother in laws home 30 minutes away. I’m not a horrible driver by all means. I’m pretty good with awareness with other cars and has pretty good patience( most of the time) so no accidents so far. However I hate driving to unknown places or towns that I’m unfamiliar with. With ADHD things get more messy. Before I head out to the party, I set up my GPS on my phone. I get the right directions and everything goes smooth as silk.I’m on the highway and suddenly some sport car whizzes past me going like 100mph. I get distracted and suddenly I merge onto the lane heading to a totally different town, knowing I was supposed to stay in the right lane. Using common sense I just turn around in that regard, but then instead of taking a shortcut on the highway I get anxious and take a long route. So instead of a 30 min drive it took me a total of an hour just to get to the party. When I arrived my friends smiled at me and said ” How was that trip?” I just shook my head and groaned. That’s my life in a nutshell. No sense of direction, and doing things the hard way. 🙄🙄🙄

    • #90453

      Another mishap of mine last week… Thought I would be productive so I went to the gym before work! Everything is going great, until I get to my parents house 🏠 it’s on the way to work so I normally shower there, if I gym in the morning. I look in the back of my car, where I believe I have put my trousers, for work, but they aren’t there. So I’m wearing sweat pant shorts, trainers and a shirt to work (Great look). That’s the first part of the story over with. Next I manage to lock myself out of the house and my car keys are in there and my lunch is in my car! I ring my dad to see where he is, but he’s miles away. I don’t have any money on me and don’t want to go hungry all day(Left my wallet at home). Looking up I notice that the window to my mum and dads bedroom is slightly open and my dads ladders are outside. I use the ladder to get into the house, but as I’m climbing it, it slips slightly and I grab on to the ledge of the window, luckily managing to steady the ladder and get into the house! I shut the door to the house, go to the car and then realise I still left the keys on the side so I have to climb the ladder again! Still undiagnosed, but I’m now on an 18 month waiting list 👍🏼!

    • #91972

      I just missed a doctor’s appointment, and earned a $50.00 fee; I somehow had in my mind that my appointment was at a certain time, and was off by two hours. UGH!!!! This has happened before…it has been a while. Time to pull out my planner.

    • #92216

      I left my office for lunch break but got caught in a fears summer storm. The lighting, sheets of rain and hail were sensory over load. I pulled in a parking lot to wait it out and stop freaking out. The storm let up to just heavy rain and made it back to the office. Still raining hard, I braced myself and dashed inside. Cut to about 3 hours later, a coworker from a department I don’t work came to my desk. “Hey, I think your car is running. I grabbed something from my car and heard it running.” I checked the loop on my purse where my keys ALWAYS have to clipped if they are not in the ignition (y’all know why) and nope. I left my car running. Double the embarrassment- My car is always trashed (y’all know why) and my coworker saw the random piles of crap I need to sort for months.

    • #92279

      I’m pretty sure I could write a book about my ADHD mishaps!

      First off, I have 6 kiddos, 4 diagnosed with ADHD, 1 about to be tested. I have been studying and researching everything I could find about ADHD for 9 years, since my oldest was diagnosed. Grew up with ADHD Mom, Dad, Sister AND Brother!! Married ADHD husband!!
      After many many years of knowing for sure I was crazy I went to the psychiatrist and I was “completely shocked” when I left with ADHD diagnosis!!
      And suddenly it all makes sense! BUT HOW did I not think of it?? 😳🤪

      My husband and I built a house about 4 miles from his parents house where he grew up, and several times a week I would call him to see what time he would be home from work, only to find out he was at his Moms. He would switch into autopilot during his drive home and not even realize he had driven to his old house again until his parents answered the door and asked why he was there. (He never told them it was an accident, told them he just stopped to say hi. It happened so often that His Mom got into the habit of keeping a snack, dessert, or meal ready for him incase he dropped by!)😂

      I have a horrible habit of searching for my phone, turning around to go get it because I left it at home, getting audibly frustrated and being asked “what’s wrong” by the person I am talking to ON MY PHONE!

    • #100604

      Whew! I’m really happy (in a way) I’m not the only one.
      It’s kind of funny now, but it wasn’t when I did it because I thought I was losing my mind.
      I came home from a bad day at work, poured a glass of orange juice, sat down to relax a little before making dinner.
      Got up made dinner, went to get a glass and was staring at the jug of orange juice on the shelf with the glasses, I couldn’t even remember doing it, I’m forever misplacing things but after the day I had, oj in the cupboard was really disturbing.

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