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      Why am I not finding any information on this subject? Support, education, something! I know I cannot be the only parent of a child on the Spectrum that is struggling with and being frustrated with begging and pleading yelling crying for services in place for my son. Only to be ignored. I’ve called, emailed went into offices of the Child Advocacy Center, spoke with numerous “we’ll get back to you” people to no avail. HELLOOOO this is a child who needs HELP that I as his mom am asking for..I DO NOT want this to become worse than it is due to his lack of comprehensive capabilities. I’ve got a safety plan in place, I’ve discussed with him appropriate and inappropriate behaviors, we’ve done social stories,spoke about in therapy,boop another incident at school where my son was molested by another student. Investigation not followed thru by other parents request. He’s aware that his son has issues, he’s very sorry that his son molested my son, however he will get help on his own without involvement from agency. My son is in need of these services, isn’t that what sexual behavior therapy & groups are for?? Why as a parent am I not being heard? How is there no follow-through with the school to keep him safe, keep the other child away from him, or any type of services provided. Another situation with the same student, this time allegedly my son spoke of masturbation. Even though the other student was observed crawling from my son’s bathroom stall my son is now being the perpetrator and the other student the victim. Okay fine great label it however you need to but get my child services and place that I am unable to do on my own. This is a serious concern that needs addressed immediately. Nothing. We continue on with behavior therapy, daily reminders of appropriate and inappropriate behavior of a sexual manner with others. I continue on begging and pleading for help, remove my child from that school, follow his accommodations on his IEP as well as creating a new safety plan. Once again we find ourselves being investigated for what, sexual behaviors. It’s not like I have ignored or pretended as it didn’t happen oh no not my child type scenario. Yes my child I screamed out loud, please for the love of the Lord help me to obtain the services he needs to solve this Behavior to see if he’s restorable. Fast forward from Summer to November without any information follow-up from detective Etc. To the accusations enough to be probable cause to arrest my child and take him to Juvenile Detention Facility. Now we are in the process of getting in place a psychological evaluation, a competency evaluation, a cognitive IQ evaluation. Finally perhaps getting the help he so desperately needs to overcome this cycle. My anger and disappointment lies in a system that has failed my child. A system that wants to inform me that my child is very intelligent and intellectual so he can’t possibly not understand the severity of the behaviors. Ummmm hellloooo he DOES NOT as the pattern shows, my informing you he does not understand that I need help so that he can understand and we can get him help before this turns into a worse Behavior. As well as informing you that he also needs learn the natural consequences of this Behavior if that were possible which it is not. You see the circle here that I’m running in? Seriously frustrates me I am trying to be proactive in preventive measures to help my child yet unable to accomplish on my own. How else can I educate him? Where else can I look to learn how to communicate this effectively to him? Where the heck are support network or services or something? Please if anyone has any information suggestion, been there done that I mean anything I would greatly appreciate the communication. He’s home on home monitoring. School is telling me they can’t accommodate him yet won’t respond to my question of homebound services. Completed first evaluation that the therapist reccommend a complete evaluation as she doesn’t find my child capable of completing her questions without meltdowns & more traumatic then beneficial for him. Now the wait….again….

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      Wow..that’s quite a load you’re dealing with. That would stress
      me out as well.

      You don’t mention how old your son is; is he still in grade school?

      As his parent, did you have him seeing a counselor/psychologist (independent
      of the system) prior to all these negative issues surfacing?

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        He’s 13 big 8th grader. I’ve had him in behavioral therapy along with Social Groups & Occupational Therapy.

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      It’s incredibly difficult to get good services for children on the autism spectrum in most areas here in the United States. It sounds like you’ve gone through a lot of local resources already. I don’t know if you’ve contacted any of the national ASD organizations, but they may have additional guidance and resources to suggest. The Autistic Self Advocacy Network may be one place to try.

      With regards to the sexual abuse, I would suggest filing a Child Protective Services report. If the school is attempting to make light of the incidents and not follow through, having the State address the issue is a way to ensure at least some follow-up and accountability. It would be an appropriate next step to help protect your child. They may also have resources they can bring to bear to help with the treatment of your child, including resources specific to sexual abuse and behavioral interventions.

      If you have private insurance, some providers now have “case managers” who are involved in helping connect families or patients to resources with the goal of enhancing outcomes. It may be worthwhile to try to contact your insurance carrier if you haven’t done so already to see if they have such a service. If you have a state insurance like Medicaid, contacting the local community mental health and requesting additional resources is another option, but one that you’ve likely looked into already.

      It sounds like you’re doing the best you can. The system is so incredibly broken and not easy to navigate. If you haven’t connected with the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) you may also want to reach out to them and your local chapter to get support for yourself and your family. Sometimes they have resources they can share, but mostly its about being connected to other people to support you through this struggle. Many NAMI families have faced similar situations and may have tips to share as well.

      I hope others reply here with additional advice. Thank you for being such an advocate for your child, and hopefully the help will come.

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        It truly is difficult to get services or even navigate the ASD world. I called being a child protective services along with Child Advocacy Center and made reports on both occasions, both scenarios I was informed that he needed sexual behavior therapy that they could provide. They’ve yet to provide for reasons unknown. Thank you I have not reached out toNami or Self Advocacy center as I was unaware of those! Thank you very much for that information:)

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      I hope things have improved. I would suggest looking into Neurofeedback with a clinic experienced in trauma, attachment issues. I hope you are surrounded by a supportive network.

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