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    So I smoke weed every day, and I have smoked weed just about every day for the last 5 or 6 years. In the last few years it’s been a lot- 3 or 4 blunts a day. I tried to stop recently because my psychiatrist wanted me to. So I stopped but it wasn’t long before I was so restless it felt intolerable. I’m talking about doing chores until 10 pm because I feel like I need to be doing something. In retrospect, I use the pot to turn that off.

    I hoped that maybe a stimulant would help even me out. Make it not so all-or-nothing. That sense of calm people with ADHD on stimulants describe. Alas, no stimulant prescription for me. Does anyone else have any experience/ feedback?

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    Hey there,

    I’m new here but I used marijuana daily for about 15 years and your story is similar to mine. Are you sure it’s just the ADD that the marijuana is helping or could it be a specific type of depression? Do you find that your mood and the ability to enjoy activities starts out okay when you wake up and then deteriorates throughout the day and you find that you need marijuana to be able to enjoy things in addition to calming your mind down? Let me know and if your answer is yes to all those questions I can probably help you.

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      Well I definitely have depression too. And when I stop smoking sometimes ALL my thoughts go negative. And that is usually worse at night. If I smoke I start to talk, observe, and have more neutral/curious thoughts instead of negative ones.

      And yes, I don’t smoke until I’m done with work. If I’m at the office I’ll have plenty of energy and feel good. When I’m working from home things are very variable.

      I’m not sure about needing it to enjoy things, that doesn’t really strike a chord with me. Well, I suppose I have recognized that I’ll struggle to enjoy relaxation- I won’t enjoy TV shows, I won’t be present when spending time with my boyfriend. Stuff like that. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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    It sounds like you do have what’s called dysphoria like I do. You usually need a med to handle your depression and one to handle dysphoria. You should talk to your Doctor about it. Effexor, Pristiq and Wellbutrin are all really good at treating that and so is marijuana. If your Doctor wants you to quit marijuana first then I recommend just telling them you did so you can get meds that will actually help you. Read about Dysphoria too obviously and check and see if all the symptoms match up. The two go hand and hand with depression but that’s not always the case. Also talk to them about a prescription to cannabis too although that can be a hard sell depending on your Doctor. Let me know how things go.

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    Cannabis is one of the best treatments for ADHD, especially alongside a stimulant that is amp based.

    I’m not a doctor, and I do not recommend combining it with SSRI meds, as that combo can impair driving.

    It also depends on the strain used. We talk about cannabis like it’s just one drug. It’s not. The combination of different cannabinoids and terpenes in the strains make up thousands of different medicines. Each one has different effects.

    Research the endocannabinoid system. Newly discovered, it is just as important as and works together with all of the other systems in the body.
    Our bodies already make natural cannabinoids (example: anandamide, an endogenous analogue of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, aka endocannabinoids). Some people need exogenous cannabinoids to supplement (example: vaping cannabis).

    It is healthy to balance the endocannabinoid system. Once research on this takes off (finally), it will change the way we think about medicine.

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    Weed is not a cure all for everything.

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