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      Devon Frye


      My name is Devon Frye, and I’m ADDitude’s resident reporter (, looking for subjects for an upcoming story for ADDitude’s fall issue. The story is going to be focused on the under-training of primary care doctors and pediatricians in diagnosing and treating ADHD, and I’m looking for some personal stories to round it out.

      If you or your child struggled to get a diagnosis, or felt that your primary care doctor didn’t understand ADHD or mental health in general, I would love to hear from you. If you’re interested in being interviewed, or would like further information about the story, you can either reply to this post or send me an email at (Email is preferred, though I’ll respond as quickly as possible in either scenario.) In most cases, I’ll ask you a few questions over email, then set up a phone interview for sometime in the next few days if I think you’ll be a good fit. I’d estimate that the phone interview would take about an hour of your time, and I’d be happy to schedule it for whenever is most convenient for you.

      Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.

      –Devon Frye (

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      I’d be happy to be involved. I’m based in Scotland where ADHD medications are currently a controlled drug when prescribed to adults. My GP refuses to take on the prescribing of my medications and won’t even take a meeting with me to discuss it despite my writing a very heartfelt letter to them directly. They clearly don’t believe that ADHD is a real condition and have no interest in learning anything about it. My story is pretty amazing in how the treatment has affected my life. I’m capable now of harnessing amazing skills that pre diagnosis I didn’t even know that I had. Anyone who hears my story completely changes their view of ADHD and their understanding of what it is, but with my doctors refusal to even hear me there’s nothing I can do to convince them them to support me. Right now I have to waste both my time and that of my psychiatrist is collecting my prescriptions from her office directly and taking them to be filled, which would be hard enough if I didn’t have ADD but is a real nightmare with it as I struggle to remember and keep a stable flow with my medication. Feel free to contact me.

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      I know this is an old post, but I’d be happy to contribute if you haven’t run the story yet. Not only will my son’s ped not touch ADHD with a thirty-nine-and-a-half-foot pole, his psychiatrist won’t diagnose him either, despite already being diagnosed by another agency. It’s beyond frustrating at a time when meds are our last resort and we’re at the end of our proverbial rope.


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