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      We are having a meeting tomorrow with my daughters teachers about dropping her IEP, she is 12 and in 6th grade and has ADD, she only is in special education in Math. Her Math grade has been an A+ and her NWEA and other test scores have been right where they should be for her grade. They wanted to do a 45 day trial out because they said she is no longer discrepant from her peers and have met her goals, so we did the 45 day trial out already, where she didn’t get any help with Math, her grade dropped from an A+ to a B and it was causing lots of anxiety, I e-mailed her special ed teacher and told her my concerns and she agreed that she was struggling and thought it was best to not try the trial out at this time.

      A week went by and my daughter said that the teacher told her she was going to go to TLC instead, it’s a room where any child can go to and get help with homework, her teacher decided to go this route with her instead, but my daughter just isn’t getting the help she needs in that rom and is basically struggling on her own to understand the Math, her special ed. teacher (who I might add is in her 1st year of teaching) is now telling me that she feels my daughter is really adjusting well to the changes and that she is ready to move to a 504 plan. I brought up the fact that she went down a full grade, but she said that that was to be expected and a B is still good for going from one on one to almost no help at all but the TLC room.

      I don’t feel that the very end of 6th grade is the time to kick her off her IEP. 6th grade Math has been manageable, but I have a feeling 7th grade Math will be even harder and I was basically told that she won’t qualify for an IEP again because they have changed the guidelines since she was accepted, so tomorrow is the meeting and I want to go prepared with reasons why she should keep it at least until next year and see how 7th grade goes. I know they will bring up how good she is doing, but she is a perfectionist and causes herself a great deal of anxiety trying to study and remember everything, it doesn’t come easy for her at all, and her anxiety has been through the roof with this, it seems the minute a child is excelling from help from a teachers aide who explains things the way she understands, they want to pull the plug on it and let her struggle, what can I do?

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      Penny Williams

      The change causing your daughter anxiety is the important factor for which you can fight. Yes, a B is still very good in math. However, qualifying for an IEP and services is about more than grades. Lots more.

      Since this is the end of the school year, I would request that you meet again one quarter into the next school year and consider whether or not to drop the IEP at that time. Teachers play a big role in a special needs child’s success or failure at school. She will have different teachers next year, and the situation could be better or worse. Request that the decision on dropping her from services be made after seeing her performance with a 2nd set of teachers.

      My son’s school wanted me to drop his services and IEP at the end of 5th grade during his 3-year-reeval. He had tested well and his grades were good that year. They didn’t take into account all the behavior struggles we were having just getting him into school, nor the fact that he had excellent teachers and that the accommodations and services were helping him succeed. If he were doing that well without services and an IEP, then they could be dropped. I put my foot down and refused to take him out. I was told I wouldn’t be given the opportunity to have a say next time if he tested well. We just did his 2nd 3-year-reeval and they didn’t even retest him, knowing he still needed services and an IEP.

      If you can, hire an advocate to help you fight this.

      Do You Need an Educational Advocate?

      Maybe they’d be open to reclassifying her under “emotional disturbance” for the anxiety?

      Does Your Child Qualify for Special-Education Accommodations?

      Good luck! Keep fighting and let us know how it goes.

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      Penny Williams

      How did the meeting go?

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      Part of the IDEA and the IEP is to maximize the student’s potential, not to merely get them to grade level. So perhaps your daughter is at grade level now, but with proper services through the IEP, your student’s “potential” may actually be a grade-level above her current grade level.

      We just had our annual IEP at the beginning of the week. My son tested at or above grade level in every subject. His new goals raise those levels. For example, he’s currently at just about a 7th grade reading level (he is in 5th grade) – hiss new goal is to be at an 8th grade level by March 2018. Math was the same way. Because my son’s potential with proper supports through the IEP is not merely an ‘A’ on the report card but to be above-grade level. When we started the IEP he was 3 grades behind in every subject.

      This was also the first year we worked with the Dean at my son’s new school. She made a couple terrific observations about how his IEP was previously written. 1) Not ALL diagnosis were listed, only Specific Learning Disability was put in (which she said limited the IEP); she added his anxiety disorder and his ADHD (he now qualifies for the IEP under the SLD (specific learning disability); Emotional Disturbance (anxiety disorder); and Other Health Impairment (ADHD); and 2) the “Parent Concerns” section includes concerns, observations, suggestions, basically anything a parent wants to say – not just “concerns”. So if you’re noticing increased anxiety, make sure they put it in the IEP.

      Hope the meeting went well! I know it can be a frustrating process.

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