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      It seems like I have to fight each time I talk with the schools in trying to get help for my grandson and that is not what I want to do. My grandson is a mess and all over the place, he is 13 yrs old and take vyvance and intuitive forgive me for the spelling. He came to school late at 930 instead of 8 am and the nurse refuse to give him his medicine because she says she has a window and that is 30 min before or 30 min after for him to take meds, mind you she never told me this before.

      He went downhill that day and got in trouble at an after school program mouthing back in forth with the principal, earlier that day I got a call when he went to the principal office at 1pm and they made a point to say that he didn’t get his medicine that day because he was late but he is still responsible for his actions. They gave him three day suspension and before he returned they came by the house to say they were going to send him to an alternative school for 3 months for his behavior. I went for an appeal but I’m in Houston Texas and not able to find an advocate to speak up for me. Can someone help me please.

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      Penny Williams

      I would formally request (in writing) a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) with a resulting Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) right away. Punishing for behavior related to disability is not acceptable.

      Have you called your local Arc office for help in advocating at school?
      Try this organization as well:

      Here’s more on the FBA (#5 in this article):

      5 School Assessments Your Child May Be Entitled To

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Thank you all for your help. We have a hearing today and pray all goes well.

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      I have never heard of a nurse having a time limit on when she can give medications; that sounds like a decision your doctor should be making. When he gives you the prescription it has a dosage on it that includes when it should be taken (example: take 20 milligrams in the morning and take 10 milligrams no later than 3pm). It is NOT up to the nurse to decide. I would have your doctor write a note indicating that your grandson must be given his medication daily, and that taking it at 9 instead of 8 is better than not taking it at all.

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      Dr. Eric

      Unfortunately, we live in lawsuit times.
      Unless the MD writes specific medical orders that outline deviations from standard practice, no school in their right mind will deviate from those orders.
      The liability is way too high.
      As an administrator, I am very explicit, “write the orders like you are programming a robot. We cannot exercise any clinical judgment or common sense.”
      If we are told give medication for a 101′ fever, we will not administer if it is 100.9′.

      There is nothing preventing the family from providing it before he is dropped off.

      However, if the orders say give it at 8am, they will never give it at 9:30.

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      I am a nurse. The 30 min rule is what is used in the hospital, and usually applies to those drugs that are on a timed schedule several times a day, like every 4 hours for example. It is there to ensure a medication does not get given twice in one hour for example.
      I now work in the school system. If I were you I would have the doctor change the order to once daily. That way it gets administrated once period. Is there any way this could even be given at home? My son takes a lot of medications but we give them all at home that way we don’t have to deal with school staff. Good luck.

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      steven gewirtz

      It sounds to me that the school doesn’t want to follow your grandson’s doctor’s instructions. The don’t know if he took the medication before going to school. They assumed he was late and didn’t take medication. It also sounds like the principal instigated an altercation to have your grandson dismissed. Contact the Bar Association. They will put you in touch with an attorney who is skilled in this matter. Then throw a legal threat their way. They will leave your grandson alone to work and study. I had to threaten everyone with an attorney for my son Brian. It’s extra work in the beginning but you’ll be glad you did.

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      @sheilag3 I’M not far from you my advocates name is PPat Freeze her email is She is amazing! She has helped me with 2 of my children. Feel free to contact me if you need any help.

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      @sheilag3 I’M not far from you my advocates name is PPat Freeze her email is She is amazing! She has helped me with 2 of my children. Feel free to contact me if you need any help.

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      I am a nurse in a school system in PA. Your nurse functions under the same window that I must – state law, no choice. Why does your grandson take his medication at 8 am at school? It takes at least 30 minutes to start taking effect, so your grandson is in class for at least 30 minutes without his medication. I have an ADD son myself and always gave his medication at home so it was in his system before he even got to school. If he gets a lunch time dose to boost his afternoon attention, I get that, but never understand why am doses are not given at home.

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      I wonder if you would consider a school home feedback system asking the question: On time for medication? please circle Yes No,
      M, Tu, W, Th, F this way each day the parent gets feedback and when possible can make the needed correction. The parent is instructed to use Social Reinforcement for the good days and ignore the bad days. By ignore I mean the interpersonal interaction between parent and child, the parent has to consider what has to happen so my child gets to school on time for their medication? Or should medication be given at home?

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