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      My son has been struggling for years. He hasn’t passed most of his classes since the fourth grade and now is a freshman in High School.

      Four years ago I was going to have him tested for ADD and the school convinced me that he just lacked motivation, but was capable. I hired tutors. Nothing improved. I hired a life coach for him. Nothing improved. I sent him to tutoring centers. Nothing improved. Then the behavioral issues kicked in and we started family therapy. The family therapist asked why I had never had him tested for ADD or ADHD as he believed he exhibited clear symptoms. After seeing a psychiatrist he was diagnosed with classic ADHD. Both the therapist and psychiatrist provided me paperwork to give to my son’s school to get him the help he needs to succeed … an IEP and or 504 plan.

      The school said those are not real tests and based on their records, he’s fine. They believe he is capable and juts not trying. The school counselor said that the 504 and IEP will ONLY provide my son extra time on tests and that’s not what he needs so, they don’t feel that asking for a 504 or IEP will be helpful and they walked me out of the school.
      I’m kind of mortified.
      Can anyone provide me some guidance and recourse on this issue? Can I ask for any kind of help outside of extra time on tests? That’s all they offer to kids wit and IEP or 504??? This is all very new to me and I’m angry the school refuses to even give him the basic assistance he needs to succeed.



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      Penny Williams

      Um, wow! This school is clearly in violation of the law in so many ways!

      Since they talked 504/IEP I’m going to assume it’s a public school (private schools are exempt from those laws).

      They don’t have to accept a private evaluation, but they do have to evaluate at the school level if you request it.

      Dear ADDitude: Can the School Reject Documentation from my Doctor?

      So, put the request in writing and submit it. Here’s a sample letter to follow:

      Free Sample Letter to Request an IEP/504 Evaluation

      Once they receive it, the clock starts ticking. They have to get a permission to evaluate form signed by you, then they have 60 days (school days, I believe), to complete the evaluation.

      If they refuse to evaluate, go to the Director of Special Education, then the Superintendent, then your state department of special education if you have to.

      And, if you can, hire an educational advocate. Most school try to play dumb with parents to get out of providing supports. They sit up and take notice when an advocate is involved.

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      Dr. Eric
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      My daughter who is going into fourth grade has Inattentive ADD. She is a very hands on learner she cant sit for more then 5 mins at a time. she is currently on an est plan and when I try and push for a 504 plan i am told she doesn’t meet the criteria because she is above average and there isn’t anything in my state for gifted or excelled students. yet she is getting bored in class and is losing focus quicker. but because her grades are not being effected by the school standards then there isnt anything they will do. anyone else have this issue?

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      Ug! I’ve suffered for 46 years because of this ignorant belief! In grade school, psychological testing always showed me as “potentially gifted.” They were doing such tests because I performed so badly in school, but seemed capable of better performance. School officials always used my “potentially gifted” status to emotionally abuse me. “If you try harder, we can get into classes for gifted children. They don’t let lazy kids in there.”

      You have no idea how much pain and regret I have to this day. No, I never did get into those classes, and my academic success never improved. Luckily, I *was* gifted and just learned things on my own.

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      my son who has since graduated was like that from about 5th grad up until 12th grade, where he ended up going to an outlet school and was able to work on his own ability level. where he got straight A’s something that he has never been able to get.

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