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      Hello, my name is Jan G. Just to keep down confusion I am male. I live near Atl. I am an undergrad student at an SB. seminary. I am in the midst of a class that requires me to write a research paper. We use a form called Turabian which is pretty complicated, at least to me plus figuring out how to make MS word do what I need it to do. I have 3 weeks to turn in my finished paper and so far I have the introductory paragraph written. I have done a lot of research and have most of my sources but I am in a panic over how to organize them and make the paper make sense. I have taken this class 2 times before and withdrew because I couldn’t find enough resources for the topic I chose to write. This time the professor chose a group of topics and we chose from those. I chose “What did Paul mean by “The husband of one wife” in 1’st Timothy 3:2. I just feel like this is never going to get done because I can’t get my head wrapped around how to outline the paper and get it to come out right. What I mean is give enough weight to both sides of the argument without getting way too far in the weeds. I would feel a lot better working with someone who knew this process well. I don’t want someone to write the paper for me, just help me stay on track and help me strategize on the outline and help to organize my references. I also can use help with the Turabian formatting. The folks on campus have the luxury of friends who have done this that they can consult. I am at an extension center and I know no one who can help me. I really need an idea on someone to help me or a strategy to get this done. I have already missed the deadline to turn in the rough draft, but the professor is giving me some grace there. I need to have it in in the next couple of days. I have a good number of resources, some on one side or the other of the argument.
      IF anyone knows who I should contact please let me know.
      I am on my meds.

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      Penny Williams

      There are online essay mapping tools, like this one: Mapping out the structure first really helps.

      When I was writing my first book, I had each topic/idea/story on an individual post-it. Then I used the sliding glass door to keep grouping them and moving them around until I had some structure and flow that made sense.

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      Hey there!

      I am also in seminary. At my school they accept Chicago, which is almost identical to Turabian. Chicago Manual of Style has a great searchable online guide that has helped me a lot. There’s also a website called Owl (or owl-something) that has tip sheets for various paper formats. Might have Turabian too. Also Citationmachine is a pretty great resource!

      … Research papers are a total pain for me, though. So I can really only offer you feels there… as I am well overdue on one for this semester, and failed a class last semester for doing all the research but not handing in anything. ~_~;

      But at least now I know why.

      I hope some of those websites help!

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      You mentioned wanting help with staying on task, strategizing/organizing, and Turabian formatting. Staying on task is something I struggle with whenever I don’t want to do something that I need to do. One thing that helps me is body doubling, or having someone else do work nearby while you do work, to encourage you to do work (often just by being there). For help strategizing and organizing, I recommend first closely reading the essay prompt, to make sure you answer all parts of it. I don’t have a lot of experience with upper level essay writing, but my college offers writing tutors in the library by appointment and walk-ins during scheduled hours. AnimeCanuk suggested an invaluable resource, which is PurdueOWL . I don’t see a Turabian guide on their website, but they have guides on many other writing challenges. I found this to help with Turabian formatting: Good luck! Now I’ll try to do that homework I’ve been procrastinating…

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