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      I have an IEP meeting today. Besides the IEP topics, this year has been ROUGH for my son. The school has started forming Clubs this year. One is even a Gender and Sexuality Support Group. I know my son can’t be the only ADHD/ADD or Special Needs child in the school. The Gender and Sexuality Group actually had strong support at the school from parents and students. So I’m wondering if I should suggest an ADHD/ADD/Special Needs Club (maybe under a different name?) so that perhaps children like my son could connect with one another. The structure of the school doesn’t allow for much free time for them to connect naturally. I know in other situations my son seems to somehow find other children in a group that are like him and they become fast friends. When I talk to his friends’ parents that he has made naturally outside of school, like in Scouts, they all share similar diagnoses.

      Has anyone seen a club like this in their school? Or would this type of club only work to single out our children more and perhaps lead to more bullying?

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      Penny Williams

      I think it’s a great idea if you find a title for it that doesn’t make them feel different or call attention to it. Our kids need each other.

      Last year, 9th grade, my son told me and his SPED teacher that there wasn’t one person in the entire school like him (1,900 students). We assured him that there are students with similar challenges, but he just hasn’t met them.

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