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      Decided to join ADDitude so I could ask this question.

      I am a 22-year-old college student and I have suspected that I have ADHD for a few years. In high school, it was easy to dismiss my loathing for schoolwork because it was just stupid and I did not find it interesting. However, since coming to college and being able to study things I really want to learn, I have found that I cannot no matter what, bring myself to study, or complete assignments, or not procrastinate. Even when I find the subject interesting and I want to learn it. I have taken a lot of online questionnaires, assessments, and can identify with almost all of the attention deficit criteria to some degree and about half of the hyperactive ones as well.

      My fear is that I will go to get diagnosed but find out there is nothing wrong with me. I don’t want to have a “disorder” but if I don’t have a legitimate reason as to why I can’t succeed, even when I try to pour my heart and soul into my work, I have no idea how I will make it through life. I have gotten really good at hyper-focusing on tests and crunching on final projects throughout the years more so as a survival mechanism, it is usually how I pass my classes and get by as a mediocre student. My fear is that that will “kick in” when being tested and I will pass.

      Did anyone have this issue? Is that possible to happen? I am not too familiar with how the tests are conducted.

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      Well for me the “test” was just my doctor pulling or the A.D.H.D.-A.D.D. checklist and asking me about my childhood, school (how I was in class and studying) how I was at work and private life.
      It was similar to the online evaluations but longer.
      She showed it to me, there were checkmarks in all but one for inattentive A.D.D. and nothing for hyperactivity.
      That’s why it took till I was an adult to get myself tested, not sure when or if its changed, but when I was in grade school they only tested you if you were hyper, so because of that I have the wonderful emotional baggage of “you’re lazy, stupid, dumb, what did I do to deserve a child like you” and it still echoes in my head to this day.
      Before I went to my doctor, I took every online test I could find, they all said to see a doctor, I even printed my results to show her (she just took my word for it, ugh what a waste of ink).
      If you are unsure about the test, call wherever you will be going, and ask them for information and tell them your concerns.
      Many of the things you said about, procrastination, waiting till crunch time for assignments, I’ve DONE that, it’s the adrenalin (stimulant) kicking in giving your brain what it needs to focus, the fight or flight response.
      Also I think the more involved and elaborate tests are so they can observe you for physical traits while performing tasks (I remember reading it somewhere, but don’t quote me on it)
      Good luck, hope it goes how you want it.

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      Penny Williams

      ADHD may not be the reason you’re not able to meet your expectations of success, but there is a reason. We all do well if we can. Something isn’t working. Yes, it’s hard to go to the doctor to see if something is “wrong” but it’s also imperative to your success if you’re struggling.

      The Building Blocks of a Good ADHD Diagnosis

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      You’re saying the exact same things my best friend’s daughter said before her diagnosis when she was in her twenties, which is the exact same thing I said before my diagnosis when I was in my thirties. It’s such a common fear among adults who discover they have ADHD late in life. Go anyway! On the very off chance you don’t have ADHD, you can still get help when you have knowledge. Chances are, though, you’re correct and you can get started with treatment. It’s worth it. You’re worth it.

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