Routine – yes or no?

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      I’ve just read the recent Additude article advocating that routines really helps people with ADD (Title: 5 Little Changes That Freed My ADHD Mind)

      “…most important: routine, routine, routine!

      Humans are creatures of habit. The more you do something, the more automatic it becomes. If your body knows what to expect next, it automatically prepares for that next thing to happen. When the daily shuffle becomes recognizable to our brain, it does not have to put in as much effort to figure out what’s going on!”

      My partner, of over 10 years, insists that he hates routine and that the lack of them keep his life interesting for him. I’m a creature of habit on the other hand and over the years, I think he has seen the benefits of routines. However I’m in two minds about encouraging him to create them for himself because he is right – a lack of routine does bring an aspect of surpise into our lives. For example I never know where I’ll next find a pair of his shoes, his keys, a hat, his backpack, some DIY tools etc. etc. They could show up anywhere (which used to annoy me but now makes me laugh and half look forward to the next ‘unlikely’ spot).

      Does anyone else experience quirks that their OH do that make them laugh / spice up the world?

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