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      hoping someone out there can guide us in right direction. have 9 year old boy diagnosed with adhd and sensory processing disorder, OT visited school recently and school said they were struggling with his ‘hands and feet’ (what they mean is he would give someone a little push in line up, he will play roughly on yard, he will be a space invader frequently, he may not always hurt and he isnt as rough as he used to be and he isnt the only child who plays roughly but he still uses hands and feet more than the others and it either hurts or annoys other kids OT said these ‘hands and feet’ episodes are not sensory and that these incidents have a behaviourial base and therefore outside of OT remit and so couldnt and didnt offer any advice. not sure whats motivating hands and feet, can give some examples – he was asked to hand out test papers to class and he tapped each kid on head with the test papers, class was being taught a dance where foot had to move forwards and he put his foot on someone else foot on purpose, pushes in lines, taps people sometimes and general roughness on yard. seems to be motivated by need to be noticed or trying to be funny (have explained its not funny countless times) or get attention, i amnt sure exactly why he does it, i thought it was partly sensory but OT says no so am bit confused. school say its just annoying at moment but they fear kids will get really annoyed with him if he keeps it up and may lead to bigger problems as they mature and he remains doing these things. cant seem to break this habit, he has been doing this for years and years, he is pretty clever and have explained why he shouldnt do it, but he just cant seem to help himself and he says he just likes touching others and that sometimes on yard he just gets excited. he sits on his own as when he has a bench buddy he pokes etc and its eds up a disaster. we have tried fidget toys and heavy work to little avail, have tried squeez balls etc, this stuff gets him into trouble and gets other kids annoyed with him everywhere we go and for ever so long now. any ideas, anyone experience this?

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      I have no idea if this has anything to do with ur son or not but my granddaughter has been on adderall xr for years for her adhd and for along time she kept digging her nose her ears very fidgety all the time. She would even make her nose and ears bleed.she was on 15 mgs of adderall xr. We realized it was the xr that was doing it to her so we changed it to 10 mg of xr and then 5 mg of the regular adderall and what a difference!! She wasn’t fidgety or never dug herself anymore after that!! Idk if it pertains to ur son but it is something to look into.sometimes the xr is to strong and its a stimulant which makes them do different things like that. I hope this helps u out.I k it took me quite awhile to figure out while the poor kids have to suffer!! Good luck with ur son!! I wish u the best

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      Is as if you are describing my 9yr old new here so going to do some research.good luck

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      Penny Williams

      It sounds like poor self-awareness and social skills. Definitely a lack of awareness of personal boundaries and that you shouldn’t cross them unless given permission. You can work on emotional awareness and regulation with a program called The Zones of Regulation, right at home. And use some behavior modification to change his reaction to anger and frustration, if that’s an issue:

      “How I Helped My Son Stop Hitting Classmates”

      You can teach social skills at home too:

      The Power of Role-Play for Building Social Skills

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