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      What do you when you constantly annoy your roommate with ADHD related things?

      I try to be a considerate roommate but often times have trouble with process related activities that is i might remember a b and c but then jump to e forgetting a step and ruining the whole thing. I want to be a polite roommate but i dont always notice how my actions affect my roommate. Does anyone else have experience with a neurotypical person who is getting upset with you.

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      I do that too! I always walk around and just yell things in the room in order to retain focus again. I would face this situation head-on and ask if your roommate minds. You should explain that you have a disorder and that you might be doing many quirky/weird things in order to focus well in school. Make sure you are confident and stubborn in this, because school comes first! If it is really really REALLY bothering them, maybe look into switching roommates. This is your education, not their’s.

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