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      Does anyone notice a noticeable change in their family member (25y/o) grandson when the Ritalin wears off in the evening ? That is the time of day when we have the most frequent disagreements to the point where things get loud. My husband and myself are in our 70’s and ready for peace and quiet. John has lived with us many years, and has always had a psychiatrist, as well as a psychologist to help him. The older he gets the harder it is. Any feedback would be appreciated!!

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      Penny Williams

      What you describe is often referred to as rebound. It’s common. Some people eat a good amount of protein before rebound time, and drink lots of water and that helps. Others take a low dose of a short-acting medication just before the rebound period to slow the tapering off of the medication. This is a conversation he needs to have with his prescribing doctor.

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      John’s psychiatrist is putting him on Clonidine, to be taken around 8 pm. He took this as a child, but I have no memory of how it worked. Living in a household with a total of 7 people makes for some rough days stresswise. John is blessed to have a nice, large room in the finished basement with his own bathroom. He does have a short fuse, and this may sound to the extreme, but it is almost like he has something like PTSD from being bullied relentlessly in school. He is almost 25, and still brings this up. His mother will be moving in soon, and she will be able to help with him. He loves his mom so much, and I does not seem to have any recollection of the many times she left he and his sister (due to drugs). Thank God this is way in the past, and she is doing much better.

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