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      My daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD types 1 and 2. We have tried a number of different medications and though they have all worked very well to control her ADHD symptoms, she has had some pretty serious emotional side effects from all of the ones we have tried. When she’s on the meds, she has a lot of rage in the evenings and terrible anxiety all of the time.

      So far we have only tried the short release tablets and I’m wondering if it’s worth trying an extended release medication or if we’re going to get the same sort of side effects with an extended release as we did the instant release?

      Specifically will we definitely get the same side effects for Ritalin Sr as we did for Ritalin? With GoodRx this seems to be the only extended release medication that we can afford.

      School is about to start and we’ve been unmedicated most of the summer and I’m really nervous about how this year is going to go…. Thank you for your help!!!

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      Hi there,
      I am a 30 year old who has been struggling with ADHD-mixed type since the 3rd grade. I have been on a variety of medications all at different points in my life. When I was on the original Ritalin before they had all these different types, I experienced much of the same symptoms/side effects you are describing. I also started seeing the side effect more when I got my first few periods. Like I stated before, there was not another option for me back then, so my parents decided to take me off the medication and I had to go to a therapy sessions. During my teenage years, I took Adderall, with no emotional side effects but some serious appetite repression and then I got headaches when the meds left my system. I will say that as an adult, the Ritalin LA extended release does not give me the same side effects and it works pretty great for me. I do highly recommend at least a little bit of therapy. I was not a fan when I was forced to go but as an adult looking back, it gave me some great coping strategies to deal with the intense emotions of ADHD. I also figured out that part of my emotional turmoil had to do with my hormones, so birth control also helped a lot once my period was pretty regular. I don’t know how old your daughter is but I know that most doctors forget about/don’t know a lot about how having a period effects ADHD. Hope this helps!

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      Penny Williams

      My son absolutely could not tolerate immediate-release stimulants. It is worth trying extended release. Extended release dispenses the medication more slowly and evenly. An immediate release is all the medication at once and then it all goes away at once. It’s a pretty harsh roller coaster.

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