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      I’m hoping to find some input from parents of children with ADD. My son was recently prescribed Risperidone to help him slow down and take his time on his work. Has anyone given this to their children? Do the benefits outway the scary side effects? What are some side effects you have witnessed first hand?

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      My son is 15 now, diagnosed ADHD and ODD. He has taken Adderall and Risperidone now for 8 years. At first he was taking the risperdone during the day but he was falling asleep in class and had a hard time waking up. She then said to take it before bed. He sleeps well. After he takes it he is so tired but she said she wanted him taking it for the ODD. Now I have a daughter diagnosed ADD and she is taking Adderall 10 mg and is doing excellent! Honor roll student and I don’t have any problems with her, she is 7.

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      Penny Williams

      Risperdone is commonly used to treat bipolar and mood issues. Many individuals do have weight gain on it. And there’s a possibility of breast enlargement in boys.

      A Parent’s Guide to Psychiatric Medications for Children with ADHD

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      Has anyone noticed a significant decline in their child’s behavior after being prescribed Risperdone? Our child was recently prescribed this by his doctor in a small does of .5mg two times a day. We built up the dosage over a couple weeks. We have seen progress at home (where he is mainly one on one with his parents) We are a divorced family. His behavior at school has declined significantly. He is aggressive toward other students and teachers whenever one of his triggers is set off. We have tried several medications, but have yet to find something that works well. His behavior is by far the worset since starting risperidone.

      Does anyone have any thoughts of have had any issued with this medicine?


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