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      A bit of background:

      We live in Thailand and our son, who just turned nine, has shown ADHD symptoms for the last four years or so. We took him for assessment at the regional Child Development Centre when he was six and for a couple of years tried to manage and support him in our family. Last year, after another assessment, he started twice weekly occupational therapy sessions and they did seem to help to a degree but Covid-19 intervened and the facility closed for almost eight months during which time any progress was lost and his dependence (addiction?) to screen based activities markedly increased (our fault!).

      Although his behavior in school is not disruptive, his lack of focus, poor short term memory and motor skills, plus difficulties starting and finishing work, is causing concern. Fortunately he seems able to confine temper episodes to home life. Last week the school arranged for us to take him to the pediatric psychiatric department at a major local hospital where we explained his condition and filled in the usual parent observation forms which, along with a set that his teachers are completing, will be used to determine a treatment plan.

      I have been reluctant to try medication but was advised that, combined with the OT it may help. Pending the treatment plan, he was prescribed Risperdal (you may know it as Risperidone) but after some research I have grave concerns not only about its side effects but suitability in this case.

      It’s not common to question professional decisions here and getting a second opinion won’t be straightforward, so I’m wondering if anyone has experience that would help me decide whether to try him on Risperdal (0.25cc orally, once a day at bedtime). Thanks in advance.

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      My son is 13, but was diagnosed with ADHD when he was about 6. His pediatrician started him on a low dose of risperdal and I was immediately surprised/concerned. I’m a nurse and I had never heard of using that to treat ADHD. I was concerned about the side effects and stigma associated with that med. But to my surprise it really helped his behavior and focus. He still takes it to this day, along with adhansea and he has had no side effects and is doing very well. I did a lot of research on risperdal and ADHD and it helped me understand how it works. Best of luck to you and your son!

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      Thank you for your reply which makes me optimistic that it wasn’t simply some kind of error! I’m delivering the completed observation forms to the hospital today and will try to get to see the doctor who prescribed the Risperdal to get some more details from her if I can. Otherwise it’s going to have to wait until our appointment next week.

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      Penny Williams

      Risperdol is not the first line treatment for ADHD. It may be wise to get a second opinion if you’re concerned.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      I’ll keep that in mind but the right assistance here isn’t so easy.

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      Dr. Eric

      Not a medical provider, but I see lots of student with ADHD.

      When I see it, it usually in three or more of these situations…
      1 – When the student has no positive response to the typical ADHD meds.
      2 – When the impulsivity tends to manifest itself in anger management or safety problems.
      3 – In my foster children when the ADHD is suspected to have been caused by prenatal drug exposure, which is a much different and stubborn version of ADHD than the pure genetic one.

      This is in the US for school-age children.

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