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      I’ve just seen an advertisement for Revibe. It’s a wristwatch (fit-bit like thing) and app that vibrates at various intervals to help keep someone on track. Tap once to reset if you weren’t on task, tap twice to say “all good” and it will buzz again at the next interval (4 min, 7 min or 15 min). It even has a homework mode (15 min on, 5 min break, 15 min on, etc.) It seems like a good option for my ADHD inattentive tween son to stay on track. However, at $169, I’m hesitant to go that way. Is there a less expensive option that you’ve used that you were happy with? Thanks in advance folks!

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      I tried it a few years ago with my daughter when she was in the 6th grade. She said that it helped initially, but she eventually was able to tune the vibrations out. The version we tried was only $100 and it vibrated differently at 5-10 minute intervals. There was no reset tapping either.

      If you already have a fitness band or a smartwatch, you may want to let your son wear it for a few days and see if he notices the vibrations when you send a text or a reminder. You could also try contacting Revibe to see about their return policy.

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