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      Hello, I’m new here but wanted to get some insight from other parents. My son was diagnosed with ADHD at 6. He’s 8 now and heading to the 3rd grade in two weeks. His 1st grade year was horrible! His pediatrician and I switched him to 2 different medications during that year. Adderall XR worked for a while then we switched him to Vyvase which made his emotional outburst intensify. 2 weeks before 2nd grade we put him on Focalin XR 10mg which seem to work wonders along with the awesome teacher he had. Hardly any phone calls about bad behavior (even though he still had a few) and nothing but good grades all year long. While in summer camp this summer teachers have been reporting that he is reverting back to old behaviors, such as having emotional outbursts when he can’t get his way & even choked another kid because the kid wouldn’t move out of his sit (that one he got kicked out of aftercare for). We’ve upped the dosage to 15mg just to see if that would help. Did any other parents experience this? And what is the best approach in talking with his new teacher for this school year?

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      Penny Williams

      Sometimes a change in behavior is better attributed to environmental or situational changes, rather than medication failing.

      School provides a lot of structure and he learns what to expect there, for the most part, early on. That fosters less outbursts and unwanted behaviors. Now, it’s summer, and he doesn’t have that same structure and predictability. Plus, I think summer camp is a much bigger social challenge than even school. So, I wouldn’t worry too much about this change in behavior yet, until you see that it’s happening in multiple environments, and where it didn’t before.

      In preparing for the new school year, I always write a letter to the teacher and give them a 1-page summary of the IEP or 504 plan. The letter is very short — actually, 2 letters, one from parents and one from my son. You can use these samples as a guide:

      Dear Teacher, Please Meet My Child: A Sample Letter for Parents

      Free Resource: Introducing Your Child to a New Teacher

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