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      Someone likes me, or even says something nice to me.
      I get (too) happy, or excited.
      I respond in kind, but take it too far, too quick.
      They get alienated.
      I get depressed.
      2 days later, I don’t remember, or don’t care enough,
      or just get excited again,
      and can’t take the worry and mental mind f… of
      “should I say that, should I not, don’t say that, it’s fine, no it isn’t, er, think of sth else,”
      so worry about that too, lose the impetus, get drained,
      so I either say it anyway, or (bitterly) regret not saying it, and/or get frustrated by either outcome
      (not saying it, or getting a bad response from the other party), so I can’t bleeding well win, can I ?? ..
      Repeat the process.

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