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      I want to stop this relationship cycle from happening or at least understand why it’s happening.

      I meet a nice girl, we talk… a lot. Go on a date or two. Have some physical interactions. We have good conversations and a lot in common, but over time I become more and more bored/ detached with the relationship and the person. Then I have a really hard time ending things because I don’t want to hurt the person, whom may or may not like me more than I think they do (I have a hard time reading that unless the person tells me explicitly). Then I eventually end it, feel bad, and go into a depressive episode for a few months. Then it happens over again.

      I’ve been seeing this girl for a few weeks, the same stuff as above has happened. I thought I really liked her but I think my meds or just my ADHD are interfering with how I feel. I really want to stop this cycle of broken relationships because of my ADHD. I just don’t really know how, because I don’t know if I trust her enough to tell her what’s going on.

      Any suggestions?


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