Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

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      I’ve been reading articles provided by ADDitude on line regarding Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSM). What I have not been able to find are articles regarding Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSM) in a PubMed search. Does anyone know if RSM is recognized in DSM5 or if any clinical trials have been done to research treatment options???

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      I have found multiple scholarly articles under the ‘deficient emotional self-regulation’ term. These describe very similar symptoms as per Rejection Sentitivity Dysphoria.

      See Craig B. H. Surman et. al. ‘Understanding deficient emotional self-regulation in adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a controlled study’ (

      Google ‘deficient emotional self-regulation’ and you get many paths to pursue.

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      Hi Wendy,
      Dr. William Dodson has a webinar that I found to be very helpful, that was the first time I had ever heard about RSD. It’s a free webinar, on demand. While this doesn’t answer your question directly about where to find peer-review literature on RSD, he talks quite a bit about why we don’t otherwise hear or read of this. My God, this explains so much of my emotional pain over the last 25 years (actually, my whole life). There is treatment, he describes that, too. I’ve found that becoming aware of it has already helped me tremendously (though of course I backslide.)
      Best of luck — ~ Rita

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      Following because my son very likely has this. I’m just hearing about it this week, and he’s been dx’d ADHD for years.

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