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    I’ve seen some posts about refilling Concerta prescriptions lately. I just had my son’s doctor send in his monthly prescription for Concerta 27 mg to Walgreens. They usually fill it with the Alza 27 mg. I always double check on our online account with Walgreens before picking it up. This month they didn’t have enough Alza in stock so they filled it with the Mallinckrodt (M 27) generic.

    A simple call to the pharmacy explaining that I didn’t want the M27 generic and that I didn’t mind waiting a few days for them to order the Alza 27 meds was all it took for them to place a order for what I wanted. I had to put up with them telling me that both generics would work the same (I politely disagreed with them) and stuck to my guns. Of course I do make sure to place the refill order when my kiddo still has at least 5 pills left in case this type of thing happens.

    So this method seemed to work at getting the Alza generic with as little of hassle as possible.

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