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      Does anyone else battle to get meds refilled monthly?
      Every month I have a struggle getting my son’s quillichew prescription filled. The pharmacy usually doesn’t have enough or the order didn’t come in. He has been on the same meds for months and they still can’t seem to have it when we need it.

      With this refill around the holiday and us traveling I called last week to confirm the refill date, thatb they had the prescription and that they would have meds. All was good last week, today they dont have the meds and the order they received didn’t have his quillichew. Grrr every month I end up fighting and crying over this mess. Do I just have a crappy pharmacy? It’s a big name pharmacy. And dont seem to think it’s a problem for him to be without. I’m so frustrated.

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      Hi. I would talk to the pharmacist, or the head pharmacist personally. Some of the big name pharmacies either are ill-prepared, short on staff, or just don’t make it a priority. Switch to another pharmacy if you have to (I don’t want to name names here, but some big name pharmacies are good, some are not as helpful). Perhaps a smaller “mom & pop pharmacy” would be more helpful if you take your business there. To give myself leeway, I sometimes skip medicine on a Saturday so I have an extra dose, although I’m not recommending you do that for your child. Good luck – I empathize.

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      Penny Williams

      There have been inventory/stock issues with Qullichew. It very well be the manufacturer and not the pharmacy. I second talking to the pharmacist about what can be done.

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