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      Penny Williams

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      My five year old son is such a picky eater. He has been diagnosed with ADHD, combined type, DMDD. I have a very hard time getting to him to eat. He always wants sweets and junk. Does anyone have any go-to recipes or advice they can share please??

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      Kevin Ju

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      Rid your house of sweets and junk. That is probably the worst thing to give to a child with ADHD. His brain wants the sugar, it stimulates it.That’s poison anyways. Replace all the junk food with fruit. He will come around. I’m sure your a good parent, if you were not you would not be here. This may be old school, but it works. “This is what we are having for dinner.” change what ever meal time it is. No debate, no discussion. Some parents agree, some do not. Forgot to ask. What is he taking? Stimulants could be the root.

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      Kevin Ju

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      My son isn’t too picky so I don’t have first-hand advice, but there are some helpful articles on about ADHD and picky eaters:

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      Kevin Ju

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      Don’t know if he is on meds or not. Make sure if he is that he eats first before his meds. Also a high protein breakfast is very important. It will provide him the “fuel” he needs during the day. Experiment with high protein drinks – add fruit or ice cream, etc.
      And again, if he is on meds – know how long they last and adjust for dinner time.
      Finally “sensory processing disorder” or SPD also runs with ADHD. This can make a child very sensitive to textures and tastes, and thus difficult to feed. It certainly would be worth your time to read about it here-

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