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      Due to the thread “it all started with Phentermine”, I found out and have been diagnosed with ADD. I’ve been on disability for the past 6 months because every diagnoses said I had Anxiety and depression. My anxiety was constantly high. I’d say a 7 out of 10 all day. Even when watching TV. I went through 5 different anti-depressant/anxiety meds and nothing was working. Phentermine took all my anxiety away. I wanted to talk to people for the first time in my life. I was motivated to do my work. I was an union organizer so my job was to talk to people all day long. Make many cold calls to people who didn’t understand what a union was and I was constantly rejected and yelled at unless I found someone who was fed up with how their employer was treating them. Didn’t happen enough though, so it took so much out of me to just make one call let alone about 100 calls a day ore more which was expected of me. Phentermine fixed that and I wanted to make calls, i wasn’t worried about what they would say and I was focused to where I had better conversations. Unfortunately phentermine isn’t good for you long term so I stopped when my weight loss doctor told me to. Around the same time my boss lied about me to his bosses to make himself look good when he messed up big time. This broke me. I started having panic attacks and passing suicidal thoughts. I was scared of these thoughts so I called my doctor and was taken off of work and put on disability. This is when the med journey began after being on prozac for three years. Then I decided to seek out a different psychiatrist because the one I was seeing would only see me for 15 minutes. I am now seeing one who will sit with me for 45 minutes and even answer personal texts and calls. Yes I’m paying out of pocket but its worth it. He helped diagnose me with ADD and has prescribed adderall. Adderall has been helping, my anxiety is way down til the meds burn off around 6 or 7 then I’m very irritable so I make sure to take my xanax about 7 which helps the rest of the night til I fall asleep.

      Well to finally get to where I’m struggling… This last Monday I quit my job for a few reasons. One i’m still on disability and not completely ready to go back to work. Because of this my work told me that they can’t keep my job for me anymore because its been six months so I had to quit. My impulsiveness had me jump the gun and quit instead of letting them just tell me they had to let me go so I’m afraid I wont be able to get unemployment if I can’t find another job. Two, ive actually decided not to be an union organizer anymore because for the last 6 years I was miserable and thinking that if I faked it long enough, the exposure to public speaking and all the phone calls would make my anxiety go away. That and I can’t work under someone who lies about their employees to make themselves look good and not get own their own mistakes. SO, now I’m freaking out! I just found out I have ADD which explains most of my life, I quit a job that paid $95k, had a pension and free family healthcare and I have no idea what I can do for a new career now. My depression isn’t being masked by my super high anxiety so the depression is really effecting me. Especially at my lows, I feel like a loser and that I’m letting my family down. Wife and two kids. I’d be lucky to find a job that I get paid even $45k without education. I don’t know what to do. I don’t even have healthcare anymore because I quit so I can’t see my therapist anymore and my psychiatrist cost $200 each time I see him.

      My wife is a Therapist and we have a plan for the future for me to be a group leader/counselor but I need an education for some of that and yeah… I’m freaking out and don’t know what to do. What jobs do others out there with ADD have? Before being an union organizer ive only lasted two years before I get bored and quit or become self destructive in my jobs and get fired. I’m stuck, struggling and hating myself. Please help

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      Penny Williams

      I’m wondering if you could continue to be a union organizer, but with a very small union? Do those even exist?

      I love the idea of those with ADHD becoming counselors or coaches and helping others with ADHD. You first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to live with ADHD is invaluable to your clients. There are a ton of requirements to becoming a certified therapist though and I get how daunting it feels (I have looked into becoming a therapist several times over the last few years, after becoming a coach for parents of kids with ADHD and autism, because of my own son — it takes years unfortunately).

      Other job ideas for those with ADHD:

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      Hi. We make great EMTs, RNs, doctors, professors, helicopter pilots and counselors. You can do it! Work on your ADD with behavioral modification (I like Daniel Amen, MD’s books from the library, as well as counseling). For me, I started off as an nurse with a one year degree, and then worked my way all the way up over about 20 years. It wasn’t so overwhelming that way.

      Good luck. Please stay in touch with us and know that we care.

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        Hi, thank you both for your ideas. If I can’t find anything by Jan 16th when my disability is up I’ll be looking for another Union and also started the application process and background check for Lyft while I’m looking for something that suits me. I would love to become a psychiatrist after going through what I went through. Kim you mentioned doctors and RN’s. After I read a book on ADHD and how psychiatrist will be almost obsolete in the next couple of decades, I really though about it and started research but I just paid off $100,000 for stupid culinary school. Had a huge passion for cooking and loved it while I did it but now? No passion for it what so ever and even cooking at home my anxiety shoots up and I feel like crap when I’m cooking now. Anyway, putting much more time and money into Psychiatry seems almost pointless if the passion will run out again. Besides cooking, with every job, after two years I burned out and got so bored. Just stayed with as an organizer because of the benefits or I would have been gone awhile ago too.

        Penny, a lot of what I said already is kind of what you said. I have found that an RADT doesn’t take a degree. Just some online classes. Ultimately if everything goes planned and I don’t get bored. I’d like to help my wife with her business. She’s a therapist and works for a company and has her own practice going. I’m taking the first calls for her already. Asking questions of what the client is going through. Screening pretty much. Doing data entry for her and starting to market a bit on social media. What I’d like to also contribute is running groups under her but am finding that most group leaders have to have a degree. I’m still not sure if that’s just the companies requirements or the states. Of course there are some groups I couldn’t lead that actually require more than just processing, group conversations and some education so I know I will have to stay away from some specialties but its hard to find what is possible and not.

        Til then is what I’m scared of and my pride is getting in the way of. I feel at times I’m going out of my mind. Today I’m having a good day but when I’m actually searching for info and jobs and see how much I’d be making I go into a dark place and its hard to pull myself out. Anyway, thanks for the ideas. I’ll keep searching and looking for that open door that should be open since the last just shut on me. ;

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      You’re still young. You have time. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself right now. Just working through this process that you’re in is enough for now, IMHO.

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