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      I was diagnosed yesterday with a mild form of ADD. In my mid-30’s.
      The psychiatrist did not recommend any medication, nor seeing a clinical psychologist.
      He referred me to this website and to try an get my hands on a text that he thought would be quite helpful.
      My situation is that I am currently going through a loop where i constantly want to change jobs. I am in my 2nd role in the last year, and both are quite privileged positions.
      I am currently undertaking a Masters by research which is primarily self-directed learning. I am finding this extremely challenging. I have also accomplished nothing in the last 6 months, and i only have 12 months left to complete it in. I just feel deflated and feel i do not have a spark or inspiration to do anything…
      My psychiatrist has told me that persons with ADD struggle with abstract concepts and my previous line of work (I am a veterinarian by training) to the sort of work i am currently doing would fall into this abstract category. I didn’t have issues while being a vet ( i was a field veterinarian and dealing with farmers most of the time), in fact i found the hands on and communication side of things to be a strength for me, and let to me not procrastinating or if i did it would be minimal and would not affect my mental state (feeling not accomplished, feeling like i am undermining my workplace by procrastinating more than i am working etc). Does anyone else suffer from difficulties or know about how ADD sufferers deal with abstract work?
      I am considering quitting my Masters and re-entering the workforce to take in a role where i can gain mentor ship and support and take on a more hands on role.
      Just wondering whether anyone here has been a similar scenario and can offer any strategies as to how i should approach this?
      I have and am trying mediating, yoga, mindfulness, breaking my projects into smaller junks, trying different organisational strategies, attempting to do work from different locations, using headphones, working in solitude, working with others – none of these are working for me in my current state. I have confided in many people and they have all given me very good advice and suggestions, but i’m so confused i don’t know what to do currently.
      I am fearful of jumping into another job and not solving what is causing me to get itchy feet all of the sudden. I would like to settle down but i am worried i am dragging my partner all over the place for no rhyme or reason and that i might fall into a spiral and never get out of it…
      I also find myself finding most things boring and thinking everything is similar and only slightly different. As a case in point i currently feel that travelling overseas is not worth it as i find all places to be the same and only slightly different and i would rather stay at home than go through the ‘arduous’ task of travelling.
      Sorry if i sound all over the shop…just confused currently.
      Thank you.

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      • This topic was modified 2 years, 4 months ago by bullettime.
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